Any recommendations for a good winter riding sock?

Need to be thin as my shoes are snug.

Is merino worth the money?

I’d go with Woolie boolies, but they could be a bit too thick.

Merino though :+1:

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Got some DHB merino socks in the sales. Good for the money.

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my shoes are snug too…so it is thin socks, but two pairs of toe warmers plus overboots…

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I wear any old socks really, those that would otherwise be in the bin; the overshoes do the hard work of keeping my feet warm.
At least one of the pairs is merino, goody bag item from OtillO in 2010 so they have lasted well.

In the grand scheme of things the difference in price is very little but, if the socks are thin, I doubt merino would make an awful lot of difference - my experience is that you’d notice it more when running.

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You could always use the old roadie trick of wrapping some silver foil over the front of your socks. It does work but sometimes breaks up a bit.
I’ve found toe warmers are good and if you can get your overboots over the top that would be good but I always find it’s a tight fit.

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I’m using inov8 merino socks when it’s cold. Thin compared to cycling socks but perfect for trails

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Thanks all, I had not thought of overshoes, that might be the answer given the state of the roads around here.

I’m a big fan of the Galibier Firefeet socks for winter rides…if you’re in the market for overshoes Sportpursuit have Sealskinz temptingly reduced atm which I have found to be great.

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If your shoes are snug you’ll be better off with a thinner sock and a thicker overshoe; thicker socks will likely compress your feet restricting bloodflow and making them colder


Just be aware that if you get some crap between the overshoe and the shoe itself, it can scratch your shoes up a lot. In case you have a pair of polar white S-Works :wink:

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Overshoes ± a sandwich bag over the end of your sock


I was looking at the Galibier overshoes yesterday (when ordering a pair of their new, very cheap winter gloves) - decided that my PlanetX ones still have enough life in them for at least this winter.

The PX ones are definitely worth a look as they are really simple and nothing to go wrong, velcro instead of a zip. :slight_smile:

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