SpeedX Leopard and Unicorn Bikes

Was anyone here ever tempted to ‘invest’ in one of these on Kickstarter?

There is a really well written article in CyclingTips at the moment:

This new garbage forum won’t let me post the link, so you will have to search for ‘What happened to speedx’

Knowing that there are that many suckers out there almost makes me want to go and put some fictitious project on there myself and sit back and watch the money roll in. Who throws a few thousand dollars at a bike called a ‘Unicorn’ and actually expects it to turn up in the post, especially seeing as the project owners were already under fire for failing to deliver their earlier products either at all or within a reasonable timeframe?

BlockquoteThis new garbage forum won’t let me post the link

That stops new users from spamming nonsense


What about that iQSquare power meter, is that still vapourware?

Most people that asked nicely I upgraded their user level but you can earn it.


It was a good read. I’ve never invested in any kickstarter type product for this reaon.

I have bought an open mould Chinese carbon fibre frame in a group buy and it was really good value and zero issues with after several years. Watching the Tour de Suisse TT the other you could see there were quite a few open mould frames being used there.