Sportive triathlon

In true slowtwitch style i’ll drop this little hand grenade into the mix …


We already have these, they’re called Ironman. I’m failing too see any USP here; is it road-bike draft legal? Doesn’t say. Either way first sentence still applies :wink:


Is it just a Tri without a TO?

Basically just a tri without bothering to publish a finish list as far as i can see! Save money on timing chips, referees and any necessary affiliation and/or licensing i assume … then try to pass it off as something new!


By not recording times, it does open it up to people who are worried they might miss the cut of more traditional “races”. But that will be an interesting one for the organisers. Are they going to wait around all day to provide the paid for return transport, for someone who decided to stop off at the feed station on the way down for an hour+ to have a picnic, and then treats the run as more of a gentle hike?

I really can’t see the point. I could pretty much do the same thing self supported, for a £5 entry fee to swim at a local lake. Given all the things GB correctly points out they’re saving money on, I really can’t see how they can remotely justify £140/155.

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It does look like a decent course. I looked at this originally but thought, nah because its expensive for what is essentially a training day.

…Starts in Windsor, finishes in brighton.

What a pain in the ass for all concerned!

interesting course…challenging logistics…could make a good club event…