Stand up 'look at me' paddle boards. Which?

So the wife wants to keep up with the Jones, been sucked in by advertising and is demanding a paddle board SUP.
I had a go on an inflatable one in slightly choppy conditions, it was a good one costing about £800 and it sucked. Got blown around and was not smooth. So i was thinking rigid, solid like a surf board. I could then use it for surfing lazy swell and ankle snapper breaks and go for coastal and estery cruises also. Stabilty for wife is needed also. Any experts or non experts who can give either vague or valuable pointers as to what, why and not to buy or consider.

Consider a divorce.


Paddle board would be a lot cheaper.


Some things you just can’t put a price on. :grinning:

Do you need to be stood up? I know Sit-On Kayaks aren’t as ‘on trend’ as SUP, but you can use them in the sea and inland waters; you could probably do a bit of easy wave skiing on the right one too…just to piss-off @FatPom :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait to get down to my parents at some point and get my SOT into the river estuaries/coastline off Plymouth/S Devon.

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We used to call them goat boats in Oz, hardly see any surf skis now.

Kayaks and sit on kayaks are too heavy for her to put ontop of the car, so SUP it has to be. I have tried to convince her otherwise.

Fair one. My 2+1 is a bit of a PITA to get on, on my own! It was a few scars.