Stay safe!

I’m not really sure why I’m posting this but Andrew is my friend through Transitions. He lives in my old neighbourhood and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve ridden on Mona Vale Road.

I’m about to start road riding again on Monday and I never ride the road without my Fly6 and I rarely ride on my own any more. (I used to love hours on the TT bike solo).

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Jesus christ that’s grim reading. Wishing him and his family all the best. Truly awful that

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Ooof that’s grim reading for sure. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: For a positive outcome and a positive recovery.

As his wife notes you do expect that call with a cyclist partner. I had it in January last year with a call starting “are you Jon’s wife”, god your stomach just sinks. Thankfully for me he was fine and it was the very kind, over cautious passers by that kept him lying in one place (in the middle of Deansgate in Manchester). Only came out with a broken foot!


I really hope the pain and discomfort goes away and for a full recovery. Horrible accident, could happen to anyone. Family must be in shock and scared.
Keep your head up and eyes on the road, it’s getting worse out there. Stay safe, and take no chances with the traffic.
That accident really hits home how vulnerable we are.


Damn, that’s hard to read. I suppose we all know that heading out on the bike - you are at risk of an accident. I had one 3 years ago and every since I’ve been a lot more cautious on the road. No more ducking and diving through traffic. Slow and steady through busy towns. If there’s room, I will also pull in to let cars pass.


Jeez, that’s a tough read.

I really hope the surgeries are successful and he returns to some sort of life.

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F**k that

That’s sickening to read. Fingers crossed he can at least return to a semblance of a decent future life.

This is the kind of story I could never tell my other half about. She’d freak out every time I headed out of the door. As others have said, it’s the kind of risk you know exists every time you head out, but thankfully these incidents are still very rare. Doesn’t make it any easier for those people, and their families, who are the statistical rarities

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Oh fuck. That is really not cool. Fingers crossed for the chap, that sounds just horrible. Hope he pulls through.

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Best wishes and to echo the OP Stay safe

How’s your mate doing, @FatPom?

Thanks for asking. As of 10 days ago, he’d been moved from ICU to a spine unit, has limited movement in his arms but no dexterity in his fingers. Limited movement in his legs but no feeling.

But apparently he did 1.6km on an assisted rehab bike :+1:


Figured I’d give an update on Andrew. Transitions has been down for a while (thought it had gone forever but some delicate negotiations has it back up) but this got posted this morning. I knew Andrew had to go back into ICU but he’s out of that again now,

For those that have missed out, Foz has been up and down for the last month. The good news is he is starting to get better. Mr Flower has been liaising with Di and he seems to be on the mend. Foz is now working hard on physio and the hospital gym. Heading in the right direction.

Great news Andrew.