Stem Length

The stem on my current bike has always been too long. Its time I sorted it. Problem is its a 1 1/8 steerer and a 26mm clamp, which seemingly are not so popular and hard to find. I have found a few but they are 80mm. Currently I have a 110mm and was thinking of a 90mm. I have heard going to short causes handling issues.

Anyone got any experience? Would the 80 work

Handling needs to be considered as part of a “system”, I prefer the handlng with a shorter stem, but on a very nervous frame, a short stem could make a bike even more twitchy.

For me 80mm and 90mm stems are my prefered length

The innuendo possibilities seem particularly strong in this thread :wink: :grinning:

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Well obvously my stems do need to be super stiff

Do you really crank it out hard when yanking on your bar?

Since I am standing most of the time, I yank really hard