Stiff missing/quick link

Just fitted a new chain, and the missing link is really stiff. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I would remove and refit the pin you’ve pressed into the link.

If it’s still stiff after that replace it with a quick link

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Sorry, I’ve caused confusion… it’s the quick link that’s stiff. I’ve popped it off and on again a few times, but that’s made no difference.

silly question maybe, is it the correct size quick link, as in 9/10/11 speed? campag/shimano?

Not a silly question! I think it’s right… it’s the one that came in the packet with the new chain, so should be. Now I’m wondering how I could measure it.
And it’s the only 11 speed one I’ve got. Loads of 10s kicking around, but it’s the only 11 I’ve done.

It will say on the link regarding what speed the chain is.

I mean if it’s engaged correctly and stiff somethings got be wrong with it. Perhaps one of the plates is slightly bent?

I’d pop down to the local bike shop and buy another one. Should only be a couple of quid at most!

I’ve had that before and got the same problem, 10 speed quick link on an 11 speed chain.

User error for me :roll_eyes:

I rode 20 miles thinking my derailleur was knackered, chain was jumping off the cassette constantly. Got it on the turbo and realised that the quick link was so stiff I couldn’t bend it with my fingers. Took it apart, cleaned it up and it worked fine. Think there was a bit too much wax jammed in the roller.

With the quick link on the top bit of chain between cassette and chainset, and the drive side crank arm between 2 and 4 o’clock, pull on both brakes and stand on the drive side pedal. This will put tension through the chain and make sure the quick link is seated properly

Is it on the right way round?

The new Shimano ones are single direction