Stiff side thigh/hip?

Limping yesterday, painful through the night, stiff now.

How do I diagnose it?

Feels like something I should foam roll but will be painful to do so.


Try stretching them out, pigeon pose etc

They’re at the back aren’t they? The ass? This is the side.

I’m thinking of it as a run injury but it might be caused by the rare squats I did Sunday.

Tried dead pigeon and pigeon pose, both felt okay though I was expecting pain and stiffness. Does that mean they arent getting to the problem?

So I’m looking at these pics, where the gluteus max attaches to the femur maybe,


but the Tensor fasciae latae looks more spot on:


A lot of the stretches on the video below seem to be what could help you out.

Take care of pressure on your knees with hip stretches as many use them as a fulcrum.


I get searing hip pain and it’s DNF’d me from races a few times. It’s very random though.

My physio seemed to think it may have been bursitis but said something more invasive might have been needed. He’s moved away now though, so I just do most of the strength stuff he prescribed.

I found some stretches made it a lot worse and stopped them, particularly one legged bridge. leg swings and circles seems to help though.

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:+1: Okay. Dead pigeon still the only one that seems to touch on it.

No running today, will see how it goes on the trainer later. Swim in the evening.

This is a stretch I often use. For the “tfl” (posh acronym for it). I’ve tried to take screenshots from a stretch workout that introduced me to it. Start in a runners lunge, then hold the bent leg and pull, twist the torso towards that leg, drop the other hip and that’s where you should feel the stretch.

ETA: it is often related to IT band but actually rolling the ITB doesn’t seem to help. Work on hip mobility etc seems to be the better option. But then you have to be careful of not transferring the issue to the piriformis.

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Sorry going to hijack this thread, as it seems sort of related (same area anyway), recently the top of my hip (like above the bone) has started to ache after runs, slightly to the back, kind of where I think the kidneys are.

Anyone any ideas?

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That’s more the piriformis area. I think. That’s a little beast to try a sort.

Oh dear my biology is awful, having Googled that I realise my pain is higher up, on top of the pelvis! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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If a muscle is tight why would you want to pull at it with a stretch?

Why would you want to leave it in the static position that remains tight and exacerbates itself when you move?

I think we’ve all moved away from the traditional form of “stretching” and rather refer to stretching as the increasing movement (or dynamic movement) to engage muscles ahead of or after exercise. This is because we have to take our bodies from the traditional static seated positions we have in daily life to the loaded positions we ask of it in exercise.

The screenshots above are taking from a 20 mins dynamic flow that can be used before/after a run/cycle/swim or whatever. But the main way we injure ourselves is coercing our bodies to cope with an hour of intensity after 8 hours static in a chair or bed.

It’s a fair question: I believe that certain types of problem benefit from movement and increased circulation. Others don’t.

In fairness, I can’t really describe the difference :smile:

I only stretch if there is a known problem or known problem I know a preventative for.

I never said you should.

That is what you’re referring to but I wouldn’t assume that is what everyone is referring to.

ETA: The question I am trying to get at, is why is a muscle (or muscles) tight, without knowing that, you don’t know if a stretch is appropriate.

Did an hour with 3x 5mins at 111% FTP and 12mins at 98% and I couldn’t tell I had any kind of hip/leg problem at all during.

It feels looser now but still limping.

Is the tfl used during cycling? If it is then it’s unlikely to be the problem area.

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So I have had a long standing issue with pain in my left hip. My sports masseur diagnosed the issue as the piriformis which has been referenced above. The cause is really my lack of mobility and age (and then add exercise on top). I’m sure like most here a typical day is spent at the desk, then possibly some exercise (or not) and then sitting down again. All of which is not great. He also diagnosed that my left leg was sticking out very slightly so has prescribed an exercise to strengthen inside of my inner left thigh which will pull the legs slightly in on itself

So all of the exercises quoted above are good and should be tried out. In addition I do one where I bring my bended leg from behind me, through as you might imagine the motion of a 110m hurdlers trailing leg would perform as they went over the hurdle. I do this in a sort of circular motion. Again back to mobility.

There is another exercise where you lie on your back and bend your knees. Now with your right hand grab the outside of your left knee and pull it across your body. The rest of your body should not move.

recently I bought one of those massage guns and again I try to use this

If the issue persists, Go and see someone who you trust, A good diagnosis is essential because then at least you know what you are dealing with :slight_smile:


I doubt it does much in cycling. Its main role is to help control knee motion via the ITB.

What is causing the limp? I mean is it pain, stiffness or lack of mobility?

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Not pain, and Im not sure the difference between the last two but it’s that.

The motion my body wants to do is knee raises. One of the few areas in life I think intuition still has a place. It doesn’t feel particularly effective, but even so.

Oh, also I was running with a pack yesterday which I rarely do. Just joggers, hoodie, trunks, towel, pull buoy, shower gel, 400ml fluids and…okay maybe a a fair few kilos