Strava getting colourful?

Did a run last night and for some reason on Strava if you view my run from the main page (eg where you scroll through all the different people you follow) my run is all fancy coloured? Click on the run to look at more details and it goes back to standard red? Any ideas why?

I know strava have supported pride and some other stuff in the past but couldn’t find anything on this nor did I use any catchy hashtags or anything? More importantly, do I win a prize?

I saw that last night on someone’s bike ride, not on mine so could be a premium thing?

im not paying £4 a month to wave my willy at segment hunters. I’m from Yorkshire ya know!

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Ha, same here :joy:

I wondered if it was either based on your speed or incline?

thought that too but its very uniform if its based on something like that?

I’ve seen a few as well. Maybe an error in that ‘support pride’ code resurfacing at random?

Isn’t it for Pride month? I haven’t seen on strava but your photo definitely looks like a rainbow pride color scheme. Similar to the black lines they did a couple of weeks ago

I would go with Pride month

One of the activities in my feed has been rainbowed, might be a coincidence but there is a rainbow emoji in the activity name too

Cheers guys. I didn’t put a rainbow so maybe a glitch in software?