Strength training

How much do you do? Honestly. Actual strength weights or body weight squats etc, not stretching.

15 minutes max when I’m in the gym.
I’ve been doing 15 mins stretching and rollering post-marathon, as my hammy is pooped

I generally do quite a bit. At least 2 x 1hr sessions a week, sometimes 3 in winter. Partly because I enjoy, also I’m often trying to lose weight when training so it helps with that. I feel like I get some sports benefit. Not necessarily from strength but I feel like when you are training muscles it gets the brain engaging them more and I can feel that when I swim.

I do bodyweight stuff, squats, press ups, pull ups. But also like to hit the big tin. Barbell squats, bench, rows, presses etc. Dont do deadlifts because I did my back in doing those.

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Ddim byd o hyd.
Nothing at all.


Used to be a muscle monster so only light weights these days, more in the Winter,leg circuits for my skinny straw legs and LPD and dips for swimming muscles.

One circuit i do is the “500”
500 half squats
500 short sit ups
500 press ups …
Any order,any numbers, running clock
in 30 mins.
1500 reps in 1800 secs,done it twice in 20 odd attempts…brutal!

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I’d like to pretend one hour a week, but this year I got sucked into focusing on SBR at the expense of gym. Probably averaged 20 minutes a week and not consistent, and mostly bodyweight stuff at home or bit of TRX after wattbike but not proper weights.

Done these kind of sessions in past and enjoy, but I’m in complete opposite camp for endurance training. Get endurance from SBR sessions, I do gym to either add strength for efficiency (eg 5 rep max) , or to improve mechanics with things like single leg work, glute and core activation, rotater cuff stuff.

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I have a PT sessionevery 2 weeks,he is a non tri person,he has helped my bike power, core strength and overall muscular endurance by similar sessions to your self.

I just love nutty circuits that are a real test,we did 1000 burpees 8 years ago, never done one since!

Been doing the super slow protocol from Doug McGuff

Chest Press
Shoulder press
Pull down
Leg press

Aiming for 20-30 seconds per rep
90-120 seconds per exercise (to complete failure) and then straight to the next one.
Been doing it after a steady swim session, so it’s all done in 15 minutes

Stupidly did sit ups on the swiss ball using the same protocol and was in agony for about a week

Just do body weight stuff once per week;

Calf raises
And sometimes an odd kind of row using the garden swings

Oh and planks


Literally none, unless you count using the big swim paddles! When I’m injured I’m mad for it of course :roll_eyes:


2-3, 30 minutes a week, body weight and resistance band stuff. Lunges, squats, monster walks, plank, knee raises, supermans etc

usually x1 45 min session a week. It’s basically what Matt Jordan suggests, lift, push pull, all heavy with 3-4 sets of 3-4 reps. Don’t build muscle but gradually get stronger. Lift is either deadlift or squat, push is bench press (I may go on a beach), pull is pull ups. I add into that cable torso rotations, cable glute exercises, dead bugs, sit ups (etc.), plank variants.

I really enjoy lifting but don’t get much time outside of when my daughter plays tennis at the council sports centre that also has a gym (and pool). Luckily I’m hench.

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Currently doing 1 hour twice a week.
Pullups ( 3 sets till failure, which is about 6 :joy: )
Single leg press. 3x10 reps each leg.
Triceps pulldown. 3x25 reps
Goblet Squats 3x10 reps
Dumbbell press 3 sets to failure
Weighted Lunges 3x20 reps
Deadlift 3x10 reps
5 minute bike cooldown


In light of @gingerbongo recent physio visit, do we need to resurrect this thread?

I’ve been trying the little and often approach to stretching & core work mostly with a 15min evening or lunchtime routine at home or at work. Bodyweight only, no fancy gym machines. Any good youtube videos to link?


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Categorically not

Once my nonsense has calmed itself down, I’ve been given these horrid little things…

Annoying voice

I do t think body weight does it, and stretching is a waste of time unless you have an actual problem to recover from.

Consequently, I’m lifting! :sweat_smile:

Was recommended StrongerLifts 5x5, which is going okay so far, three sessions in since last Friday. First session gave doms but second cleared it up, I can feel the squats after my bike sessions. Oof.

It’s simple, 30min sessions 3/week, and starts easy.

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