Sub-11 Ironman Thread

If you are doing 4:38 on a 70.3 you should really be doing low 10’s on a decent course, maybe not at Bolton but sub-11 should be doable if you avoid any disasters.

I did the 113 in 2016 in 4:47, although it was a horrible year and I had a few dramas on the bike and cruised the last few miles for 2:37, then ran 1:32.

But did Frankfurt in 10:11 and Barcelona in 9:47, I appreciate they are fast courses though. I’d have probably been faster in Frankfurt but it was probably the one year the weather was (cold) bad, several pro’s DNF’d with hyporthermia as it was non-wetsuit but the air temp was about 15, it rained, was windy and I got the yips on the way back into town on the bike.


It’s all the unknown…
The climbs suit me as there not steep, they just go on forever.

The descents not so much, the steepest parts of the course you actually ride down, or so they say…
There technically chalkenging, I’m getting better/ faster…!

See how we go.

Bloody hell!
Was Barcelona already booked in?
Or, did you snag a place in that after not going under 10 in Frankfurt?

Your multiplier times from 113 to Hamburg/Barcelona put me at 9:30 and 9:08 :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Goes away to check Nirvana site…

I was hedging my bets for a sub 10 on a good course, but I didn’t get quite enough long rides in for Frankfurt and did get caught out by the wind a bit on the bike. At one point I was almost flat-out on the TT bars on a flat bit of road doing about 10mph!

As they sold out quickly I did enter them both in 2015 when they opened.

There was always going to be plenty of time for recovery.

TBH, I think my bike split at the 113 was at least 5 minutes down, I stopped twice to retrieve my spares, had no brakes for most of the ride (carbon rims and rain) which resulted in me going down another road on a corner and nearly ending up in the hedge. I think I did a 4:3x on a local 70.3.

It was a mammoth year, not sure how I managed all the training TBH and it did catch up with me in 2017 as I didn’t have a long enough break at the end of 2016 but that’s another story.

I think I did a (fast) 100M TT in about 4:14 without really breaking sweat, also managed London Mara, Fred Whitton, Borrowdale Fell. And one weekend I did Ben Nevis fell race on the Saturday and then drove down to the lakes and did Helvellyn the day after.

I feel tired thinking about it all now :joy:


So, if you can get in via Nirvana I’d definitely expect you to be doing a short 9 at Barca


Someone, not me, needs to set up the Sub 10 IRONMAN thread 2.0 #justsayin

What about a ‘Low 10’ thread :smile:


There’s spots…what’s a “low 9?”
<9:30 ?

That may be true, but c£675 all in for entry, and then being committed to some of the not-inexpensive hotel options. :astonished:

Barca is on the maybe list for the future, as one of my school mates has talked about it for his first, and it’s a fairly easy sell with the other half, but there are definitely some fast options out there that would be a lot cheaper. Obviously biased, as I went well there last year, but Copenhagen was so logistically easy and is also a fast course. Entry alone is c£125 cheaper, and you’d be able to make your own accommodation decisions which would likely save more again. Clearly timing factors. Barca is the only Euro race (that’s fast) with that sort of late season window

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Or, ‘The 10 hour thread’ should cover it! :smiley:

@Poet Hamburg still has slots :wink: Dragstrip for the northern Europeans.

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As I said on the 1.0 thread; we watched TravelMan in Hamburg (Bob Mortimer was on it that week) and my wife wasn’t sold. At all.

Barca is a super easy sell :+1:t3:
And it’s nice and late. But most of all, I had friends do it when it was a Challenge Race and I’d like to crush their times :see_no_evil::skull_and_crossbones:

I’ve slept since then, but I remember now. It’s more of a business trip for me :thinking::upside_down_face:

Going on your time at the 113 Poet, I’d be expecting you around 9:15 give or take if you avoid problems, the bike course has changed back and removed the ‘hill’ I think but it was about a mile short I think.

It does really depend on whether you can stay aero for 5 hours and be able to run, there really isn’t much of a break from that position.

If you can get into the 100TT at Keswick in July that would be a decent yardstick.


That makes it really close for me, well actually unlikely having done 5:21 at the Outlaw half and not having a powermeter won’t help pacing the bike. I plan to set a HR cap on the bike and let it settle done after the swim then stick to that. It might creep over on that little climb but it’s not a long one so won’t worry about it. I’m not going to ride or start running to go at it sub-11. Stick to my HR cap and run conservativley aiming for 3:45-3:50.

It also depends how much of a pace-line you can get in too, in events like this. We also know all sorts of shenanigans go on in these flat fast WTC races.

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What were your splits?

Well, yes.
Which is why Barca sells out.
Sitting up at 38kmh is massively appealing/appalling.

@jeffb -
I live on the J series of TT courses, so getting out the house to practise aero is really easy for me. I can do a mind numbing amount of hours with no lights or right turns. All RABs and left turns/straight overs.

swim 34.59
T1 4.5x
bike 2.40
T2 1.58
Run 1.39


That T1 cost you the sub 5 :upside_down_face: