Sub 17 5km Thread

Seen you like the 4% @jeffb !
Nice work

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Well I don’t know what to make of that. I’ll put something shoe related on the 4% thread later.

But from a sub 17 perspective - ran conservatively. Very decent conditions, but not a fast crowd today. Started steadily (too steadily), just tagging a few metres behind 1st place who looked strong.

Kept an eye on splits but didn’t calculate them. Thought I’d lose touch on the turnround and go backwards through the field, but seemed to gain on 1st instead. Moved right up from 3.5 - 4 km. Moved to shoulder with 1000 to go. Moved ahead with 800 to go and felt strong. Really strong. First kick at 500m to gap him, then waited for the final turn and a 150m sprint. Came in in 1st place (sweet!) and put over 10 secs into him in the last half a km! (edit** put 17 secs into him!)

Finished in 17.06. Had I known it was gonna be that close I’d have pushed harder in the middle. But I just assumed I was gonna come in under 17.30 somewhere.

Just means I can have a free hit out at something way under 17 next time, as I know another sensible race will easily yield the 16.59

Splits were 25, 27, 26, 31, 17


NOOOIIIIICCCCCEEEE (as the kids say)

Great work.
So you’ve not cracked it yet :wink:

I’ve not cracked it ‘this year’ :joy:

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Damn you!
My LTS PB is 17:07, which was set on an out and back dual carriageway shared use path.
I’ve never ran a course that quick since.

I might have to do some targeted work for this.
Post-113, obvs

Couldn’t agree more.
If you’ll forgive the thread hijack I biked IM Wales on RPE and came in at 200W (210NP), nothing in training suggested that was even remotely possible (FTP sub 280) and I would probably have panicked if I had looked at the numbers.
I didn’t overbike it as I had a good run as well.

p.s. sub 17 is a different planet for me, I can’t even fathom it.

Yesterday I ran my normal “near (and possibly longer than some parkruns)” 5k race.
A friend had just bought some vaporflys and was keen to win it. I wanted to see if I could beat him without them.

I was in 3rd, about 20m back about half way, but dug very deep to real them in by 800m to go. Tried to push on but the other front two stuck close enough for the new varporfly wearer to steam through for his win and then spent the next 10 minutes throwing up after going so deep!

However the good news is I ran 16:58.

I am not going to claim it is an official non vaporfly 5k, but chasing down your faster shoe self is certainly a good target! and I certainly seem to be moving in the right direction!


Great times YKK & Gingerbongo congrats.

First remote bit of speedwork in ages last night, as I headed back to the club track session for what must be the first time in 18 months or so.

8x800 with 90s rest. Surprised myself, and held 2:44-2:48 for all eight reps, so under 17:30 pace (my pb is 17:25 on the track, set 18 months ago). It’s amazing the difference it makes in terms of ability to push yourself when part of a group. The first few reps actually felt fairly “easy” at that pace, yet the 2:44 rep was the fastest I’ve run in a long long time. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I felt like quitting from about rep 6! I’d also done a 70min bike session at lunchtime (3x15 @ 80% FTP) so was far from “fresh”.

The biggest impact was on my swim this morning. Legs felt ok, but I’ve not felt such deep fatigue all over in quite a long time. The whole swim session was a bit of a struggle.

Check out my activity on Strava:

Well that’s my season objective already complete. Guess I’d best reassess! Only 5secs off my all time pb of a few years ago. And I definitely think there’s more to come. My training has been haphazard at best! Time to start knuckling down and really seeing what I can do with a couple of months of focus.

Got caught in a solo battle with the headwind on the first 2km as well. So I think there are a few free secs to be had there. Probably 5 I genuinely reckon. Km 2 was slow!


That HR is mind bogglingly high!!!
I might not be pushing enough.

Great bloody work :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:

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Yes, well impressive that GB, particularly without any structured training, like you’ve mentioned before you certainly don’t lack speed. Probably a few seconds to come off that second K split to start with, then if you get to the track or proper reps I reckon 16:30 will be on, maybe quicker.

What was the humidity like, being by the sea was it less humid?

And what about that M50 turning in 16:44 :astonished: although one of my clubmates in the V65 cat put in a 19:30 today which is 86%

You need to get working on that 10K :slight_smile:

I had hoped to get under 19 today, but was absolutely empty, it was also a lot windier than expected, I went through 3k in about 11:05 but really suffered on the little draggy climb into the wind and finished up with 19:07, was still reasonably pleased given how tired I felt.


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Congrats GB, super time.

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No humidity today luckily. Misty at the start and a fair old breeze, but that was all manageable.

Yeah Mike is running very well at the mo. He’s in my old club, and is PBing all over the shop this year. He’s in great form. Check out the tip age graded run at Exmouth parkrun. another ex club mate (I’ve set up a new club this year) and she is frickin awesome!!

You ran well though, and a big ride after! It’s gonna take time though with your injury woes.

I’m gonna have to make a tough decision on those shoes now though! Thing is, if I do buy them I’m gonna have to so something a little more ambitious than the odd parkrun if I want my to get some sort of return on my investment! There is a local flat 10k in July. Maybe I’ll have to commit and actually train for it.!

Right. Summer target locked and loaded for me.

I’ve got 3 x 5km targets and trying to decide whether I try to get the 10k monkey off my back or not (need to get under 35).

Gold = sub 16.30
Silver = 16.34 (80% age grade)
Bronze = sub 16.40

Now they’re in writing on the actual interwebs they are now officially real!

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16:30 must be easily worth a sub35 10K? You must be pretty close now with a 16:50.

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It’s good to have a target GB, and you won’t need to commit masses of time for a 5k/10k.

How old are you if 16:34 is required for 80%? I was at 76.5% on Saturday and I think a PB of 18:50ish will get me towards 78%, but I doubt I’d have ever ran a 16:34!! I was always more of a sprinter in my football days.


I’m 35 Jeff. So want to make the most of speed before it vanishes!

I also came from 20+ years of football. I was pretty much always the quickest and fittest on every team. Just wasn’t particularly skillful! Haha!

17 should be as well! But I seem to always balls up the 10km. It’s the bloody monkey! :monkey:

Ha, that sounds familiar GB, one of the fastest, fittest but not the most skilful here either, didn’t play at a great standard. Had a habit of scoring goals (and missing a few) but I loathed playing up front, always preferred right-midfield or centre half, despite being 173cm. You could get involved more and see how the game was going.

Despite what some of my mates were saying last week I am actually 49 not 50 yet :rofl: so hopefully the age % will actually go up if I can maintain my current speed, I’m actually not far off where I was a few years ago on shorter runs.

Would still like one more bash at sub-3 but would really need to lose 3-4kg’s which isn’t really happening.


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