Sub-20 5km Thread

You know what to do…

I like nothing more than to throw a sub-20 into a longer run, just for giggles.

you’ve found 20 subs on a long run??? does sloggers know?

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Yeah, a mixture of 6" and foot longs.

You, sir, are an animal.
It’s no wonder you can’t swim sub6 for 400 if you’re doing this :wink:

sometimes it is easier to throw a sub 20 into a long run, then to run a sub 20 alone

I would agree if you don’t warm-up beforehand :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing I’d run 18 flat in jeans & 4%

Properly warmed up, on a track, my 5k PB is 19:20 ish, I did a 28km run, with km 16-21 in 19:49. I just don’t seem to have any short distance pace.

But that’s what you’re training for.
I ran my half marathon at my then 5km PB pace.
I’m not training for 5km, so I’d expect the pace there to be “off”

Hmm, I’m setting the bar high for Xmas day parkrun and wondering if I can see the better side of 20 minutes for the first time in ages!



Doing the local “hilly” one, which I’ve no doubt I’ll be hungover for.
It’s quite a good course actually.

19 minutes would be EPIC!

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Hmm, if it’s not howling a gale I might go to Hartlepool but the wind can be brutal off the North Sea, alternative is Albert Park, which is usually one of the fastest in the country.


All the park runs around here we’re flooded last weekend, might try for one next week. Won’t be sub 20 though!

Zwift thinks I’m super fast, does 5k in Watopia count? :face_with_monocle:

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Well, my parkrun went a lot better than I was expecting, despite feeling a bit sh!t with a nagging headache I found a 19:15 from somewhere! I was hoping I might scrape 19:50. It was a course PB as well.

Also finished 3rd which completes my parkrun top 10 full house :slight_smile: , it was quite a lonely run, the front 2 were off like whippets and the other lad that set off quick wasn’t going to keep that pace up, so I was pretty much running on my own after about 500m.

Definitely a bit surprised by that but a nice starting place for next training block.

Anyone else?



A 20:24 on the back end of a cold sprint tri was pleasing…albeit in my Next%s


This is my end of year target and my PB is just a few seconds under 20 min.
Given my dodgy calf (don’t really want to run fast regularly) I’m hoping to get there off easy & MP miles with weight loss coming through consistency.
Plan to run a 5k TT on the last weekend of every month, starting last week of Oct.

According the the Vdot calculator I need to be running a <19:34 5k to get to a <1:30 half marathon in 21 weeks.

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I should actually target this for once as I keep getting annoyed I’ve not broken 20. I so rarely run a hard 5k and have never been under 20. 20.21 on a slow parkrun course is my PB, so a bit of a run block and a faster course should be possible.


lets do it Jgav :sunglasses:

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I’m in. No idea of what to do training wise.

Get to a weekly long run of 12-16k, I’ll be doing the WTRL races on a Tuesday hopefully, so a hard bike. Maybe one run speed session (either every week or every other) and maybe 2 filler runs of 30-45 mins.

That’s a total of 7-8 runs, 2 hard bikes and maybe 2 swims if I can get my arse to the pool every 2 weeks.

This is a piece of pie:

Zero paces to remember.
No watch looking required.