Sub-20 5km Thread

You know what to do…

I like nothing more than to throw a sub-20 into a longer run, just for giggles.

you’ve found 20 subs on a long run??? does sloggers know?

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Yeah, a mixture of 6" and foot longs.

You, sir, are an animal.
It’s no wonder you can’t swim sub6 for 400 if you’re doing this :wink:

sometimes it is easier to throw a sub 20 into a long run, then to run a sub 20 alone

I would agree if you don’t warm-up beforehand :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing I’d run 18 flat in jeans & 4%

Properly warmed up, on a track, my 5k PB is 19:20 ish, I did a 28km run, with km 16-21 in 19:49. I just don’t seem to have any short distance pace.

But that’s what you’re training for.
I ran my half marathon at my then 5km PB pace.
I’m not training for 5km, so I’d expect the pace there to be “off”