Sub 7 and Sub 8 IM Project

I saw this in a Guardian article in my news feed this morning.

Apparently AB and LCB are doing a project in 2022, tied up with a Polish not for profit called Pho3nix (or something close), to attempt a curated sub 7. A bit like the breaking 2.

Thicker, non-competiton compliant, Huub wetsuit, some sort of drafting on the bike and I’m guessing rolling pacers in the run.

Anyone have any more thoughts and info?

Admin ETA the Link, other thread locked(sorry Doonhammer):

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Bugger, you beat me to it :joy:


Fun. But I’d do it this year while completions and training are still all fucked up.


So hat would the splits look like?

I can’t imagine the combined run and swim would be much below 3:30 which leaves 3:30-ish for 112 mile bike?

Even if managed to stretch out 4 hours for the bike that’s 28 mph. That’s some fast drafting on the bike! Do-able but if up to 32 mph for 3.5 hours it’s getting pretty harsh!

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You can still beat him by providing a link :smiley:

cross post but personally I’m a doubter on sub 7 unless they use moto draft on the bike

if we are talking drafting from other human cyclists, then without giving it too much thought I’m going to wade in at 7h10 for Ali

45 / 1 / 3:51 / 0 / 2:33

That’s drafting behing human cyclists. If they draft behind motorised vehicles or look for mad wind assist then crazy times are possible. So much depends on the conditions set for the bike I reckon

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I guess they must have done their homework & think it’s possible though

Fastest IM swim iirc is 44 mins, you’d put an Olympian swimmer in front of him, maybe shave time off that?

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Swim downstream in a river,or in strong tidal current? I guess they get to invent the rules here

Nah, you can’t have river assist. That would be laughable. we’re not Americans are we? :wink:

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OK turn off river assist and call it 46

What was split in Rio - 17m30 for 1500m or something? That’s 44m30 IM pace so yeah take your point 45 mins might be pushing it a little




One of the key things for me is that, unlike the Sub2 marathon project, they’re not starting with the established proven record holders for the distance.
Whatever the conditions they use, it will always be open to “Frodo, Ryf etc. could have gone faster under the same circumstances” which couldn’t really be said about Kipchoge.
I’d still tune in, like I did for the marathon, as it’s an interesting exercise if nothing else.

Can’t see it unless it is a relay or downhill

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Last 2019 World Aquatics Championships 5km was 53 mins, so passed 3.8km around the 40 min mark.

If he’s being towed by a relay of top swimmers I don’t know how fast he could go.

Proportionally, that’s a way bigger chunk off the official IM distance record than Sub-2 was. 35 mins is a crap-ton of time. Plus weather will be more of a factor than Sub-2.

Point to point maybe with a massive tailwind and a draft on perfect roads? A bit like the 100TT last year but better road surface

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It’s a marketing spectacle, personally i don’t see the problem with it. Why not. Nobody informed actually considers it a real world record. If they get some exposure and a payday out of it, why not? It’s their job at the end of the day.

But yeah, sub 7 is going to be very tricky. I think they could potentially still do it with human cyclists if they take it to peloton levels .Think oif the average speed on the tour stages, for 200kms for example on a flat day. There are people who will barely expend any energy all day.

I guess it depends on how ‘legit’ they want it to be. Clearly it’ll be on a sliding scale, starting a fair bit away from in a race situation.


I was basically writing the same thing, but you got in first. If you set it up as a massive TTT, with your chosen leader never doing any work, then on a flat straight course with no tight bends, they could absolutely rocket along

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