Suggestions for selling event places

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know any good places for selling race places. Appreciate there is here but it’s quite a small audience so be good to hear suggestions

I’ve got a place on the Snowdonia trail marathon July 10th 2022 after it was transferred originally from the Conwy marathon and then delayed again but I’ve decided it’s not going to fit for me this year so just hoping to get my money back £45



Probably a Facebook group for that event will be your best bet. Then a general trail/ultra Facebook group. One based in North Wales or North West England would probably get a better hit rate.

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I checked the organiser page but I didn’t seem to be able to comment so guessing it’s switched off. Will see if can find a north wales running group or something similar

Just noticed this thread, sorry @itom150. Did you find the North Wales one? I’m on a work PC atm & can’t access Facebook, but if you still need a link later I’m a member & shall look it up.

Hey DH, no it’s fine I sold it on Sunday on one of the North Wales groups so thanks very much for the tips:)

Nice to recoup the costs and gone to someone who can make better use of it!

Thanks guysb

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