Has anyone used this site before:

They seem like a legit company, lots of good reviews. They’re selling sunglasses at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but they are all, apparently, UV400 rated.

I’ve tended to buy Blocs over the past few years as they always seemed decent enough quality, good enough to actually protect my eyes and they tended to be a bit smaller for my little child sized head. Alao no point in me spending big dollar as i either break or lose them after 1-2 years.

They’ve got a really decent selection of Blocs on the site, coming in at about half price. I think they look like last season (or older) models, so i’m guessing that’s where the price is coming from there. The other brands they’re selling are VERY cheap, but seem to be from reasonably well established companies in Europe/US e.g. Tifosi (US) or Kost (Ned). The Kosts are all under a tenner, yet some are polarised and UV4000. I’m gonna give them a bash, as it’s only a tenner. But is that just too good to be true? Are they going to be total naff crud from China or somewhere?

They do sell Bolle though, and i used to have a pair of ski goggles from them. Don’t know about sunglasses fit though which doens’t help, as most stuff doesn’t fit!

The Oakley prices don’t look too good to be true. Plus…

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I bought a pair of sports sunglasses and two pairs of clear glasses (I always wear eye protection on the bike), hard cases for each, and soft pouches for each, and cleaning cloths, all delivered super quick for less than 30 quid. 10% off if you sign up for the newsletter and they’ve given me 15% off my next order too. Couldn’t fault them.

Yeah i bought two pairs in the end. One pair was no good so i sent it back and ordered a new pair with the 15% voucher. Should’ve sent both back actually and got 15% off the total order!

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