Superleague tri arena game club champs

Anyone else entered this one?

Started yesterday. My little club is currently in 13th place mostly due to the numbers we managed to get entered. Tri-Anglia are miles ahead after the first race having taken 1st and 3rd

what is it exactly?

We had a team of 2 and scored 2 points between us :grinning:. Tri Anglia had 34 riding, so 34 points in the bag even without any ‘finish’ points…

Came off Box with a group of 4/5 and outsprinted them all. This has never happened before, the joys of racing other triathletes…


I started 2 mins late due to having to put three kids to be. Was almost dead last, used the TT bike with no groups to draft off and managed to over about 60 people. No sprint finish for me

It’s a series of 6 races, 3 bike 3 run all on Zwift. Points for top placings down to 1 point for everyone who completes.

Timed with some of the online Superleague pro races I think.

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I am in Tri-Anglia but wasn’t racing. The two guys who were first and third are both very strong triathletes. There was a bit of a push on our club FB page to get people to sign up so plenty did.

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Anything to keep people engaged with sport during this long break is a good thing.

Their numbers on ZwiftPower looked strong!

They are normally fighting it out for the top spot at any of our local events unless Skipper turns up and then they’re fighting for 2nd :slight_smile:

…until Skipper gets DQ’d and they’re fighting for 1st again :grinning:

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