Superleague Tri

Anyone watching this on Facebook Live or YouTube?

Jess Learmonth annihilating the ladies race. Men to go off soon.

Most awkward medal award ever!

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Is it pool then zwift then treadmill?

Yes. Pool has a big button at the end of the lane they press, then zwift on their own bike, then the curved treadmill so it goes as fast as they do.

Learmonth said she was ‘recovering in the swim’ as she was swimming away from everyone!


Caught up on YouTube yesterday - fantastic racing, when’s the next one?


I watched the women’s on Tues and the men’s last night.

Was fun to see.

Interesting that they had to wear a swim hat or be DQ’d but shoes were optional

No spoilers, but the men’s race had an interesting final result

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I wathed it and really enjoyed it. I would like to see a similar event at a velodrome and they ride and run around, like those races of olde.


I thought the same thing, then the commentators mentioned someone swum without goggles but there was no follow up.

Either make shoes mandatory or caps optional imo.

Any isea why the distances were so weird? 900 and something metre run, 3.9km bike…

Three races, each one starts with a different discipline.

Was three short races


It was 200m swim, 4k bike, 1k run? At least, that’s what they advertised. I don’t think we ever saw any athlete’s avatar on zwift immediately from the point they started a new discipline

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Ah. - obviously now you say it! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The only slight let down was them trying to call the womens race after they’d finished. They just caught the end of the sprint but Macca & Co didn’t realise why they were looking at the back-marker. It was because she was the only person left on the course.

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Yeah the tech needs some ironing out, maybe will improve general in game experience as they fix it too.

Yeah, I noticed that too. It’s a fairly frequent commentary failure on zwift. They really shouldnt have bothered watching Jess cross the line as she was so far in front. And the pack were only about 6s behind from what I recall, so by the time they cut back to them they’d already finished and had eased up, and Macca hadn’t realised.

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Yeah I think it was because it went from about 15 seconds to 6 seconds really quickly as we were watching Jess suffer.

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Not good in a poker game, I suspect! I thought it was hilarious she said she was cooked after the first race, not into psychological games Im guessing.


And just announced LCB will be making her short course debut

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Pay check or a genuine chance?

She’s been doing well at the Zwift races I think so maybe not a stretch that she could go well at this format. All depends on her run really

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