Swim-Run Events

Okay, so some of you must have done some of these events, and I must admit that they have been on my radar for a while. Any experiences/recommendations? Obviously OtillO Isles of Scilly appeals and would be an easy sell, but that’s in term time :roll_eyes:

There’s the Hokey-Cokey event in St Austell next May, looks like a more accessible (if less ‘epic’) option.

Swimrun is now my only multisport since getting hooked at the Inch by Inch Loch Lomond (sadly no longer held).

Other than the Inch, I’ve done

  • Great Swimrun Windermere
  • Breca Buttermere
  • Swim Oxford SwimRun
  • several AKA Mustard Swimruns (Bedford, Peterborough, Grafham)

Have another AKA at St Ives (Cambridge rather than Cornwall) lined up for the end of the month.

All have been good fun, Oxford and AKA have solo options.

Need to get used to swimming with the kit and work out what works for you, my shoes are quite buoyant so I use a smaller pull buoy as don’t need the flotation. Bigger paddles don’t make me any faster, so use smallish ones. Bungy tether means you don’t have to keep checking where your partner is in the swim and helps even up swim pace.

I did the Sprint Great Swimrun Windermere this year. I wanted to do a solo event as I felt it would be to tricky to organise training with a partner. Pleased to see more solo events are happening. Really enjoyed the course. Swims were short and the runs were through wooded areas. I used some Inov8 x-Talons that worked well. I’d not practised with the pull buoy/shoe combo but it was fine. I used a biro to make some holes in an old buoy and added some elastic I bought off ebay. I found out afterwards a good tip is to use plastic wall plugs (with ends cut off) so that it doesn’t rip the foam.

I was thinking about the IoS event for next year but might not fit around family life. Definitely going to do another Swimrun next year though. http://loveswimrun.co.uk/swimrunholyisland looks good but quite close to term time as well.

There was a little swim/run test event at the lake I use this weekend. Looked interesting and there was some good feedback.
Not sure about swimming in trainers and then running with them/wet feet etc…I’m trying to work out how bad the blisters would be.

The lake I train at did a Swim/Run Aquathon recently, but that was just a swim then a run, and the lake is a very un-scenic place! :smile:

Yes it surprises me that most use the dinner-plate paddles; they would blow my arms & shoulders after a while. I would definitely use smaller ones.

I’ve done one of the AKA events, simple and low key but great fun. Handy being solo, no navigation involved just running along trails. I used trainers, neoprene calf guards and a trisuit. Not many solo events in the UK, especially not Northern but looking at Holy Island event once Convenient.

You can do the OTillO Sprint events Solo; but it’s a bit of a trip not to do the ‘full monty’ tbh. The solo event in the Scillies doesn’t leave the main island, whereas the World Series event swims between several of them, and is therefore way more of an event/experience. Plus, all the boat traffic means you wouldn’t want to be swimming between the islands during the warmer months, so it’s a rare chance.

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Hi Jorgan,
Back on TriTalk after a “few” years off :wink:

There are now many very nice swimrun events, both in UK and the rest of the world. roughly 500 and counting