Swim Serpentine

OMG a swim-only event in the Events thread :scream:

Anyone done this?

Putting in for the 2 mile swim. 3200m.

I’ve only done one other swim race, so I’m not sure about estimating finish time. 66 minutes for IMCH Swim. So I’m thinking 55mins if done at IM pace?

Pro wave is sub 41…:sweat_smile:

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I’ve always said I’ll do it to get the London special medal thing. But until I get into Ride London, I can’t be bothered to sign up.

As for swim on events, I did enter the swimathon 5k on 29th March. But as I only get back from a week long training camp the day before, I’m not sure if I’ll do it. It was only £7 to enter, so it was worth just having the option. That would be my first swim only event. 5k seems like a long way when you actually start to think about it, but I guess you just need to pace it properly.

Yeah, this one is £57 :roll_eyes:

A few people from my running club are doing it though, and it’s the week before IM Barcelona so works for me as the training plan calls for a 3km TT. :+1:

I reported my other swim race on the old site, very small charity thing, but I can’t recall my pace. It was slow though. Once I knew the two guys ahead of me were real swimmers, I knew I only had to beat the rest of pack. So I paced it , pushed the pace a couple of times until the last lap and turned on the afterburners to make third. Felt good even if we were a pack of no hopers.

£57 to swim in a manky pond :flushed:

Clearly I’m a Yorkshireman :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, that’s why there’s no interest from me.

If the original dock2dock route was still in play, I might do that. I think it’s £75 from memory, but at least that was a single loop 10k. The current 2x5k loops is less appealing

I’ve done it twice.

First time was in 2016, which I think was the first year then a week after Ironman Wales in 2017.

I enjoyed it both times, fairly relaxed event. You wait for your wave start start, get in and go. No hassle, no fuss. Didn’t realise it was that expensive. I seem to remember paying that much for it 40 quids tops.

Think of it as seventeen whippets.

Or, eight pints of lager-beer in That London.


I rarely get sticker shock on race entries but bloody hell, that’s steep.

You can do the half mile then, only £25 to you guv. And that’s cuttin me own throat.

Rich people have taken all the six mile slots at £150 apiece, roughly the equivalent of one terraced street in the Hull suburbs.

Sack it off and do the River Dart 10km instead :wink:

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I think I considered it but it’s a hassle to get to iirc?

Crikey it’s in Devon! It would cost me more than £57 just to get there, let alone the accommodation and lattes.

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I mean, I just don’t get this. It’s not like Weekend Warrior. That’s a novel concept and you end up doing upwards of an Ironman over the weekend. This is six separate mile swims. When people frequently do 10k swims, and you have dock2dock continuous 10, also in London, a couple of weeks before and at half the price, why would someone choose to swim this?

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I have only ever been to Yorkshire once and I think that is a cracking rip-off. 60 quid for a swim

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There seems to be some sort of cache in doing the London Marathon, Ride London, and then this swim. You get a London Classics medal.

For the 2 mile swim, agreed