Swim Training in Small Pool

Has anyone used StrechCordz swim belt or any similar product in a small pool? Do they work?

I looked at them once, never properly tried them. Whether they work or not I don’t see them as being very effective. Swimming is a lot about how you move through the water, but you’re not doing that with these. Probably ok for the odd workout if you’re desperate but for regular training I don’t think so.

No. I’ve considered them, but I think it’s just a faff for not much benefit.

I just accept I’m not going to get a proper workout, but fifteen/twenty minutes of partial laps is still of some benefit compared to a gap in swimming.

We’ve used them with the kids but just for a bit of fun really, not for serious training. They will be better than not swimming at all but even in a 15m pool there’s a lot you can do. kicking, drills, practice turns.

Luke warm 19 m pool
No lanes ever
No gutters… it gets really choppy when full
No were to put your hands each end
No pool etiquette

Good points are you can swim in and use what ever you like, and there are certain times of the day we’re you would probably get it to yourself.

It’s crap…
But it’s free with my gym, my swim is going nowhere … but at 51 I’ll take that

Cheers for the replies, it’s for a week’s summer holiday and pool is only 8m.

Could always concentrate on tumble turn practice :slight_smile:

Think I’ll give it a bash and report back. I’ve heard it doesn’t feel natural but may be good for some technique focus or kick drills.


8 meters!! Blimey. That is small, you could probably get from one end to the other just by pushing off!

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When I was a kid I used to hook my feet in the gutters they used to have in all pools, and swim (arms only) as hard as I could until I couldn’t breath.

Not the most useful contribution to this thread, perhaps.


Enjoy your bath. All for encouraging swim training, but 8m is too small to make it worth the mental effort of “training” trying to SWIM IMO and getting frustrated. Enjoy your week off/supplement with land based exercises such as stretch cords/general gym. And if you do get in to cool off and want to do something productive I’d practice floating and sculling rather than swimming.

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Yeah I would do some sculling and if it’s deep enough, treading water

An 8m pool is good only for one thing. Bombing. Practice that and go for a run instead!

Or do what I do when I am on holiday and destroy the bar!

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Ok, so bombing, sculling, destroy bar, sounds like an alternative triathlon idea I’m willing to have a go at. :slight_smile:


Sounds great, can we join you? :joy:

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