Swimming for Hammers and Spoons

As soon as Pools open I will swim and swim and swim


And some

Right other than living in a pool… Any other tips for getting up to distance in a compacted time?
I’ve suffered recurring shoulder problems for about 8 years now. If I build up, then transition to open water with a decent base I can just about manage the niggles.
Big bang, with big early miles and in the lakes early worries me.

Rowing helps me TBH

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Swim cords and press ups for the back/shoulders. Add in the rowing…



I went ‘swimming’. First one from this group this year?

OK, OK. So swimming may be a bit of a push. I lasted about 2.5 mins max of head out the water front crawl/breaststroke combo. But I was in the sea, in just a pair of boardies.

That’s my swimming quota done for the year! :joy: :joy:


Well I guess I’m not going swimming on Monday then


I think chickenboy nabbed all the slots :joy:


4:45 AM!! - the crazy bastard


Which pool? The hampton one is surely too hot for training anyway? How many are Tooting letting in, should be millions!

Yeah Hampton. I find the temp alright actually.

What I don’t like is 50 other people in the pool doing all sorts. Backstroke/breast stroke - 4/5 people hanging out at the end of the lane. Just ruins your swim.

I’ll be pleased when the gym reopens and I can swim alone!

Cannot be bothered with Tooting. Way too far

My lido said 7 days in advance, but that was members only, 5 days for non members which I understand as I don’t pay £60 a month…but day 1 and 2 sold out already before day 1 even gone on sale. They are also saying no kids, but have now changed that to must be in a swimming club and over 11 years old, which is ok just about for us if we get a spot at all, but laughable as el nino was probably faster than most who will be there doing some form of front crawl when he was 8 :wink:


Just found out my local pool is close until June for maintenance! :joy:


Pools up here won’t be opening until April 12th by the look of the website, LCC pools that is.

I cancelled my Nuffield DD before Lockdown 2; can’t see me going back there for a long time tbh. Will just pop down the road to local leisure centre…should I feel the need to actually swim. Which is questionable this year.

It’s only outdoor ones on the 29th remember, I thought there’d be loads of them in the north with all the hard northerners!

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Is that Charlton Lido? I was trying to get in there yesterday until someone explained the 7 day/5 day thing. Realistically I’m only going to use it until the 12th so membership is a bit of a luxury.

If I’m a man of leisure next week I’m hoping for a Thursday daytime slot.

Next Tuesday 06:30 is showing free and bookable at 18:00

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Think our gym pool is planning on 12th, I’ll probably try a bit of rowing first to get some shoulder strength.

The OW near excel will be restarting soon I presume? Probably a bit chilly yet though.

Although I know people going in the North Sea, it’s currently about 6c :cold_face::snowman: Apparently this is the coldest time of the year.

:laughing: Theren’t many near me. OWS was a few degrees off them opening at the weekend. You don’t feel the cold in a flat cap.


Lake near me is £10/pop; so no thanks!

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