Swimming for Hammers and Spoons

"2 hours, 13 minutes and 35 seconds.

Great! That’s 67 done. Or wait… is it 69… can someone pass a pen and some paper? And a towel obviously "

If the clocks on the 35, you know you’re starting the 6th of that block though, and so would hopefully know between 67 or 79.

Given most sessions in normal world don’t involve 100 reps, you’d know you’re on say #6 of 10x50s. Whereas if going off 60s I could easily be unsure between 5 or 6 or 7 (or probably even 4 or 8 :sweat_smile:)


I think most mortal problems is not knowing what pace you are swimming at, so I get in and the clock says 30, have I just swam my 3rd rep in 1:40, my 4th rep in 1:45 or my 5th rep in 1:50?



On that note, read something recently “you can lead a horse to water, but unfortunately you can’t always stop him drinking if he’s unwell with alcoholism.” Kind of funny and true and sad all together.

PS the maths above is confusing me, and that’s on dry land :smiley:

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Off-topic, but It’s a sad realisation working in hospitals and having to hide all of the alcohol hand gels. People will sprint down corridors and fight security to get to them.


During 2020 councils put alcohol based hand sanitizers in public places, until they started getting raided by some people!

Anyway, back to swimming!

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Our Tuesday swim sessions always have around eight or so lengths of drills after the warm up. Todays drill, half a length of crossing your ankles, no pull bouy, half length swim. Fark me that was hard. Felt like my toes were going to drag on the pool floor at the shallow end - think seahorse style swimming!


So back in the pool today.

Temperature was somewhere between 31-32 degrees according to the manager.

When they “fixed” the heating, they replaced a whole bunch of parts, which meant that where previously it would take a day to go up 1 degree, it’s gone up 5 in 2 days.

They said it should be around 28-29 in a day or so…

Barely managed 3km today


That will be the money saving version of putting a band round your ankles :grin:.


We’re not allowed bands at our pool :exploding_head:
Legalised drowning is banned.

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We can use bands but not fins or paddles as that might result in serious injury

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Paddles can be used whenever, so long as you’re in the roped off part. (There’s always a barely two person wide lane swimming bit)

Fins only in the fast lane during a designated lane swim, or masters, session.

No snorkels.

Buoyancy shorts and Form googles for the G-Wagen or Bentayga drivers only. Dudes, you’re coming to a £38pcm charity ran council pool :rofl::face_with_peeking_eye:

But you can breaststroke in the middle Of the fast lane up and down, Swimming into people, whenever you damn like :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


All toys have been banned in public sessions at our pool since last week :cry:.


Another club swim tonight:

300m as 50m BC/50m FC;
200m FC drills;
4 x 25m FC kick;
100m FC build pace;
8 x 25m FC as odds sprint/evens horizontal start into 15m sprint then easy;
10 x 100m FC as 1-5 on 2:00/6-10 on 1:55;
8 x 25m FC as odds sprint/evens horizontal start into 15m sprint then easy;
100m FC kick;
100m cool down

Total = 2,300m


How to pace a 1500, Ledecky style


so discriminatory towards Scandinavians


Another club swim this afternoon. As it was quiet enough for us to have a lane each today, the coach snuck in a cheeky CSS test (without telling us beforehand):

200m FC, 200m FC kick, 200m FC drill, 200m FC pull, 200m FC;
4 x 50m FC on 1:15 as 25m hard/25m easy;
400m FC TT (6:24);
200m easy;
8 x 50m FC drills + 10s;
200m FC TT (2:58);
200m easy;
100m FC TT (1:16);
200m cool down


Has anyone else had periods where, all other things being equal or improving, their swimming just goes backwards?

I seem to have lost at least 5-6 seconds per 100m compared to the same sets at the end of last year. Today I did a straightforward 6*300m with minute rest, last time I was really happy because I did them all in under 6min 10 with one set just under 6 mins (supersonic for me😄). This time, my fastest was a horrendous 6min 25 and I was absolutely flailing.

I’m otherwise feeling fit and healthy, no upper body injuries or issues in shoulders etc… Bike is going good, I’m stronger, more flexible and all that. But this last month or so my swim times over anything more than 100m have fallen off a cliff.

I guess it’s just a case of sticking at it and pushing through. Just feels a bit demoralising as it’s not so much a case of plateauing but almost back where I was 18 months ago.


I have had similar. I was training probably 3 days a week and at some point I just stopped progressing and each session it became harder and harder to meet my target times or complete sets. In the end I put it down to accumulated fatigue and rested for a couple of weeks, came back and knocked a few seconds off the target times and built back up. Seemed to do the trick.

Was odd because at the time running and cycling were ok but swimming as just suffering