Swimming pool/ run route in Central Liverpool

So I’m at a work jolly in Liverpool next Tuesday/Wednesday. Never been and not familiar with the city.

Looking at the schedule and I’ve probably got time to get a swim and run in on the Wednesday morning. Any pools fairly central that are worth a look?

Hotel seems to have some god awful Beatles theme to it. It’s called a hard days night… :roll_eyes:

Also any run routes/sites worth checking out?

Won’t have a car and will be getting the train from London!


You’re not far from the Leeds-liverpool canal at that hotel, not ran there myself but in Leeds city centre it’s the best place to run IMO. It looks like there’s a decent path next to the Mersey too.

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Pretty sure you won’t have time for training, as you’ll be working like a dog.

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Good skillz. Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.

Not many central options for swimming though, and they all look like members clubs inc the Uni. Are you a Nuffield member? You could run there.

I did see the uni was pretty central.
Couldn’t see on their website if it was members only.

Yeah I’m a member of Nuffield. But might stratch the swim if it’s going to be hassle

I’ll probably just get a couple of runs in. Do a bit of exploring

That’s what I did in central London when I was there overnight last year; running along the Embankment early evening though…that was a mistake! My early run the next day though was great; running down The Mall and it was pretty quiet; soggy tourist map in hand.

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Haha, I generally find running from work to Waterloo on the Embankment/South bank at early evening terrible!! Just way too many people.

The website for the university sports centre is indeed unhelpful. But the swimming pool is open to the public (old proof search instagram BrDtJ7nFX5t sorry I can’t add link)

Best running running options from there - probably head to and around Princes Park and/or Sefton Park.


Awesome. Thanks for your reply :facepunch:t2: