Swimming shoes

Looks like st Polten water will be really cold, possibly going to be sub 14 degrees. As I understand IM permit use of swimming shoes below 18 degrees. What do people recommend? are there any “fast” swimming shoes

Interesting. I see you are correct per the rules. Fairly sure Copenhagen was around that last year. It even says in the race pack that expected temps were 17-20, but no mention of additional allowances if it was in the 17’s. I’ve never seen anyone ever wear any though in any event. Not sure booties would make as much of a difference, if any, as webbed gloves however.

When I managed to “swim” ten metres in ten minutes in April, most people had Blueseventy neoprene booties on.

Gloves are only permitted for medical reasons

I doubt that booties give a performance advantage, however anything to stay warmer in cold water is helpful

You asked about “fast” ones which is why I commented on that

Really??? I’ve never heard of this rule before. I thought boots would not be allowed because they can give you a “floating” advantage.
On Sunday in Barcelona 70.3 the water will be 15 degrees. I will surely ask and if permitted will use them

If fast ones do exist, I would love to know. I have windsurfing boots, but think that they would give a performance disadvantage. If I am going to spend some money, may as well get something that is fit for purpose


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As a cold foot sufferer, I’ve found the Huub ones to be the warmest and as they have a toe section, they don’t seem to drag

As I’m not competing against you yet, I’m happy to chime in :yum:

Bear in mind that you will have to run in them between lakes, and you don’t want to end-up on your arse on the wooden bridge over the canal. There’s also the risk you’ll go flying on the grass in them too in T1. In fact last time I did IM70.3 StP, I went flying on the wet grass in T1 (quite a few waves ahead had made it greasy).

You also want a bootie that won’t absorb a load of water and end-up like an anchor around your feet. I have a pair of BS neoprene webbed gloves, and they are a right chore once they’ve soaked-up the water. Do they make smooth-skin neo booties?

I’d not thought about the issues of getting them off, and the time cost. I have the blue seventy gloves too, as well as the booties. You’re right about getting them off when wet. I wore the gloves in London Docks last Sunday when it was 12.5-13 degrees, but feet were fine bare. I personally wouldnt anticipate numb feet bothering me if it came to that, but maybe I’m wrong.

I am not convinced that IM would let me race in these… and the run between lakes in St Polten would be fun

Run backwards?

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Around 14C I’d opt to just put up with cold feet unless you know from experience you’re particularly sensitive, or perhaps if worried about horrendous conditions and never warming back up again on the bike. More kit is just more things to go wrong/faff around with in transition

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In a roundabout way, you’re telling him to man-up aren’t you.

depends on the water temperature. BTF Rule 4.11.e.(i) says about illegal equipment - “Socks, except when the use of wetsuits are mandatory, however the bottom of the wetsuit must cover the top of the
sock otherwise they shall not be permitted”. so basically, if water temps are below 14C (for sprint/standard), 15C (middle) and 16C (long) which makes wetsuits mandatory, then socks are also allowed. gloves are still a no-no without a medical exemption.

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Yep! Although I wear gloves nearly all year round on bike so glass houses and all :sweat_smile:

Last Sunday at half Ironman Barcelona water was 15 degrees and socks or boots were not allowed.
It was freezing cold

Ironman run different rules to BTF/ITU so you’d need to refer to theirs - the one I quote is the BTF one