Switching to single sport: Running

No mobilisation or accelerations to get the HR up?

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It’s a fair point. One of the other problems with using ParkRun as a tempo run is the standing around in the crowd before it starts. 460 people at last count. I will try to incorporate some before my next tempo run if you have some suggestions? I like strides, that’s about it.

I don’t think I’ll be at park run again so no restrictions.

Warm up and arrive at the start just before the off…

Running drills, accelerations, mobilisation exercises…

Not a fan of strides per se…

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Was that Avery Hill or Norman Pk?

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Six weeks later, had the scan this afternoon and they say there nothing wrong showing up on the scan. :+1: But don’t know where this leaves me medically or with running. I suppose it means I can increase my running again, but I’ll talk to the GP again first.

I’ve been using the Galloway half marathon training plan, 3d/week, for the last couple of weeks while I was on the doctors down time. I’ve actually enjoyed run walk more than traditional plans so far because every run has been interesting. More like Track intervals twice a week …but less intense maybe, and one other workout.

Just started my new job so I’ll try to stick with the Galloway plan at least until my work routine has settled in.

Biking three quality sessions a week.

Swimming every other week so far but now I’m looking out of the office at the London Aquatic Centre I’m think swimming may ratchet up.

Lifting once per week.

So - not exactly switched to single sport anymore, but once I talk to the GP and sort out work I may be able to do so again.

Question in my mind though is whether I should as I seem to have had so little success, maybe triathlon is my best way forward even if I never achieve better running?

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triathlon is a great sport because of the variation in loading from the three disciplines…but it would still benefit from an improvement in your running…