TACX Flux servicing

Would anyone be able to recommend a company or someone that can service a TACX Flux turbo trainer? It probably only needs a clean and grease applied, but I don’t have the tools or confidence to do this myself. I have tried Garmin, but they don’t offer this and could only advise following the online video. I’m in Surrey and happy to travel up to 50 miles if anyone has suggestions.

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Are they supposed to be serviced?! How frequently? There’s a decent chance I never read the manual…

Not ‘serviced’ as such, but my turbo is currently sounding like a bag of spanners. It’s no longer smooth either. I’m convinced that once it’s cleaned and the central hub has had a little grease applied, it will be totally fine. I just don’t have the tools or confidence to do it myself. That said, it looks like if I don’t have a go then I’ll have to buy a new one anyway! Absolute gap in the market here, that’s for sure. Crazy that I might have to spend £1K on a new turbo because I can’t clean and grease it :frowning:

I’m not really sure there’s much to service on these.

The belts wear out and stretch - they’re quite easy to replace. They also have an issue with the tensioning arm bending.

To replace the belt it’s a case of removing the legs and then unscrewing the outer casing. That’s it really.

Admins. If this is a breach of forum rules, please let me know how I can best offer our services to members who do not want to throw away their turbo trainers.

Some of you may now be familiar with my name if anyone has been on the Tacx Flux Owners Group FaceBook page.

I offer full strip down, diagnosis of all models of Tacx Flux turbo trainers from our base in Nottingham.

You can send your units to me or bring them for a while-you-wait service subject to an initial consultation to ascertain whether it is likely to be a while-you-wait job when anything needing electronics diagnosis and repair needs to be either couriered to us or left with us.

The most common cause of failure on these units is a twisted tension arm and we have redesigned the tension arm to remove what we felt were inherent design flaws other than the fact that the early models were made of plastic.

All is not lost. You can give your Tacx Flux a new lease of life.

We also purchase faulty units.


How do Roger :+1:

I can vouch Roger exists in real life. There work and tools certainly seem to get alot of praise on Facebook.
Mike Widdowson btw


Hey Mike.

We should perhaps make it clear that we are not related.

Never realised you are a tri guy. Hope you are keeping well yourself.

Not sure I’ll be racing this year but if so I hope to see you at one of the TT’s!

I figure it won’t be long before someone vouches for my repair service too. I’ve done a fair few. I’m sure many on here probably frequent the Tacx Flux Owners Group FaceBook page in which case they will know of me.

Have you got a Tacx Flux then?

Yeah got an original flux and a saris.
Had the flux ages, wife’s racked up crazy miles on it and it’s been faultless.
(I say faultless… something must have gone wrong at some point when I joined the FB group, clearly wasn’t a major fault if I can’t remember).

You only ever hear the bad stories about the Tacx Flux so it’s good to hear yours is still going strong.

You know where I am if ever you need any advice or assistance. Well I say you do. Tap me up on FaceBook Messenger if ever the need arises.


I would imagine you have ditched your Flux by now. Probably the tension arm needed replacing.

Impossible to guess but that is the main reason they sound like a bag of spanners!