TACX - TDA software

Anyone using TDA and powertap P1 pedals?

I’ve only recently given up on TTS4 and upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 to be able to use the TDA software from Tacx but the latest ballache is that I can only get it to connect to one of the P1 pedals at any one time. It recognises them both and they show up in the kit list but will only connect to one of them at a time. Anyone any ideas?

I may be getting mixed up with Garmins but is one pedal the primary one so although they both transmit, pedal 2 talks to pedal 1 and pedal 1 talks to the head unit/laptop?

Is this one of the issues with pairing via bluetooth? I’m sure I’ve read DCR talk about this before in some context. Certain devices / software aren’t able to concurrently connect to the two pedals, or take the two data streams and combine into a single power number.

Every time I hear of these things, it just reaffirms for me how much more straightforward ant+ is as a data protocol. If everyone just followed Samsung’s lead and included ant+ chips in devices (which must cost pence), there wouldn’t be the reliance on BT

Try the tacx Facebook page I use TDA but not linked to power pedals.
The FB page has lots of solutions

I believe that’s the case and now you’ve said that I wonder if I managed to connect to the same pedal twice…

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Thanks, will take a look!

Yet only now, is Polar looking at putting ANT+ in a few of it’s optical HRMs :roll_eyes: They really are behind the drag curve in some respects, not least their failure to put power metrics like NP/TSS/IF or swim modes like ‘drill’ in their Vantage watches; with this kind of approach, they are losing a lot of potential customers inc me!

Tacx TDA does not support ANT+. Connecting the pedals via Bluetooth only gets you half the power. The pedals communicate with each other via ANT+ so to get the full data set it needs to connect to a display unit via ANT+.

Which leaves me with Zwift or traineroad or some such?

I genuinely don’t understand why Tacx bother with software. They’re rubbish at it.
Their original Windows software was flaky as hell, or so complicated, that no one knew how it worked, or more recently as they’re movd towards tablets and apps, been so basic and lacking in features/functionality that it was not worth using, with a glacial development pace, while competing with orgs like Zwift, moving at a real clip… I’m really quite surprised that Garmin haven’t canned that product line yet.

Feck knows how I connect up to TDA then as I plug an ant plus thing into the side of my laptop, Fire it up and away I go. Sometimes I have to re find the trainer …don’t know why…don’t know how it picks it up but I just click on some things and it links up. As you can tell I don’t know bugger all about how this stuff works but I find tacx better than Zwift to fire up and get riding with.
I don’t upgrade the software