Tacx TTS 4 free upgrade

I have TTS 3 and emailed Tacx to see if i could try out TTS 4 and they sent me a download link and a serial number for TTS 4 :smiley:
They don’t support TTS anymore but it is a useful bit of software and i have a few of the films so good for that.
Worth a shot if you are running a lower version of TTS and fancy a free upgrade.

I am curious as to what Garmin/Tacx plans are with this. I wonder if they’re planing not to bother with the training software side due to the significant players already popular there or whether that’s something they think they can really make an impact with.

They have a training app for their latest trainers but i have a flow with pc upgrade so the app doesn’t work for me but TTS seems good.
I would have thought that by dropping support with TTS they will concentrate on the app and didn’t Garmin buy them out.

The training app is rubbish though, really bad IMO. I have the Flux 2 and after install it and trying it once I haven’t opened. TTS seems much better and my hope is Garmin sort this all out by improving their current app but adding some of the features of TTS.

They offer an on-line subscription model like Zwift - the main difference being the huge catalogue of RLV and (IMHO) much more realistic VR.
If you just want to race then I’m sure Zwift is the thing but if your main aim is to make turboing less dull, then the Tacx offering is a good one. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at that. I’ve tried Zwift but it’s not really for me. Was going to sign back up to Sufferfest as I quite enjoy those or give trainerroad a try.

If you just want to set yourself training sessions and record them etc. then I have been using MaximumTrainer which is free to use and pretty good IMO.
Auto uploads to Strava as well.

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On the Tacx subscription model … you download the film and I guess a password gets you past some encryption.
I have bought a load of films over the years and don’t turbo enough to get bored of what I already have :slight_smile:
I found the VR good for shorter rides

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