Tan wall tyres- cool or naff?

You’re in competition with @Matthew_Spooner over who the biggest name dropper is :sweat_smile:


There’s no completion with his mate Lucy…!

No point me or anyone else on here trying to ride with The Jackster as I call him…

lucky MarkieR isnt here :wink:

Not Jacko?

I was at the gym at lunchtime, minding my own business and Mariusz comes up and starts bugging me for a chat :roll_eyes:

Mazzo to his mates.

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Never heard of him…!?

My mate Andy. Wilko. Wilkinson was even faster

He was a prick

I think you have heard of him!

I was at the velodrome and see Ethan Haytor last week, Ethan to his mates

Isn’t Haytor in Devon?

Hes signed for Ineos this year but still based in Manchester with BC. He often pops back to the velodrome or shows for the Sunday club run. Over Xmas the club run had a Columbian national champ jersey, British national champ jersey, A GB kit, Ineos kit and CCC kit (Fred’s just signed for Bahrain-Maclaren now) … and not a MAMIL in sight :wink: VCL punch above their weight in producing junior champions and pro riders!