Tan wall tyres- cool or naff?

I am have swapped out my black tyres for tan walled on my MTB and CX but I for some reason I haven’t done the deed on the TT bike. Should I?


Unless it’s a CX / Gravel / Adventure bik then naff im afraid. And on a TT bike - almost as naff as blue/red/whatever-colour-matches-your-bartape naff)

I’ve had tan walls on my white tt bike. Swapped to black when I bought new tyres.

I think it can work, depends on your bike colour I reckon

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Look at that bad boy! What looks good on a gravel bike, however, is not really the same as what looks good on a TT bike. A gravel bike should look like something fun, hairy, maybe a bit hipster if you are young enough to carry it off. A TT bike should look like something Darth Vadar would ride!


Tan wall tyres are coolAF…

…but they stop that line with your rims, black wall tyres make your rims look deeper than they are.

What TT bike do you have?

Had them on my BMX therefore cool.
(Not for road bikes unless especially retro)

I used to think they looked old fashioned, but of course they are now vogue; most big brands are doing their top tyres in tan walls. Any bike that is likely to get muddy/wet a lot probably should have black sidewalls; unless they are ‘faux’ cotton like the Panaracer Gravel King, and they can be cleaned easily.

My TT bike has always had black tyres, whether they be Zipp or Vittoria Tubs. Years ago when my TT bike Tubs had tan walls I actually used a Sharpie on them!

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But once you’ve done a few tyre slides and grinds, they get scuffed and look garbage…

…which brings me around to the point @Jorgan makes about wet/muddy bikes…they tend to end up looking awful

I have a giant trinity TT in black

but Schwalbe have the pro one tyres in tan that could work.


Do whatever makes you happy! :upside_down_face:

I’m not sure. That setup is looking pretty stealth

I am now with @Adam !!!

Your bike looks ace

I like both, fresh Veloflex Records look awesome though. Just don’t get them wet…or feed them after midnight

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I was close to getting some Veloflex tubs last season, as they still do narrower tyres. In the end I got some ex-stock Vittoria Corsa Evo SLs in 22mm (black). My Zipp 900 disc is one of the older narrow ones; they still claim that the Zipp FC rim also is best paired with something around 21-23mm for aero.

Grey is the new black…!

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By the look of the tread are they contis?

28 mm 4000s.

Paul H had a load left… £27 each…!

Tt should be a bit more comfy … I hope !

Comfort yes, but a tyre that wide on a rim like that (24.6mm) will be a substantial aero hit.

After Talking to Andy Jackson for quite some time I realised that “ everything” is unaero…!

Unless your a raindrop.

I’m not that fast I’ll go for the comfort !

Got 5000”s in 23 and 25mm

I’ll bet there’s not that much difference ! ?