TCS London Marathon 2025

Who’s in?



It’s going ahead in April 2021?

Can you still get a GFA place for 2021 if you race this year?

Does VLM stand for Virtual London Marathon?

No, says in the message they are aiming for Oct 21.

V stands for Virgin.

I’m in for my requested 2022. Give it a bit more time.

Given that my original entry was for 2019, that’s one heck of a long prep!


Yeah I decided on Oct as I’m still gonna aim for the Ninja WR so likely to be cooler than April

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I did a marathon once or twice but as was pointed out by people at work it wasn’t as long as London

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Or as good. Or as hard. Or as important.

“have you done the marathon though?”

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This equally applicable to this thread (well, actually moreso)

you think it’ll happen in 21?

I’d say October has a fairly reasonable chance

I’m sure they sent an email on the 7th of October or so. I was in Greece at the time (seems like years ago)

I’m trying fit a ballet spot in October. Got to be at least my 6th time entering it

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Don’t seem to have anything. I have the emails from them re The Big Half (which I entered, and then realised it’s the morning after my mates rearranged wedding, so that was a waste of money :man_facepalming:), but nothing else


Ballot not ballet results emailed on feb 8th.

At least I won’t have to throw the commiserations mag in the recycling


I’m completely and utterly disinterested in running VLM this year. That almost certainly guarantees i’ll be successful in the ballot.


Can’t see it happening personally.

But yes Sod’s law this will be the year that you’ll get in

Or Staffs.
Or Bolton.
Or Tenby.
Or Outlaw.

Maybe a few smaller events here and there.

No interest in running VLM unless I can get a Champs start :see_no_evil::rofl:

Yep. Similar to last year I’d imagine