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I know your game, Pete :shushing_face:

Day 1) Team JV are all shot off the back because of THOSE STUPID BLUE TYRES

Wanty-Goberts kit and Cavendish’s teeth blind nearly all spectators.

Kruiswijk will come off his bike at some point.


And Geraint finds something to crash into, even if it means a detour to a different postcode


Ahh crap … i did this at the Giro as well. Big mistake as i have a habit of clicking the notfications icon on the top and just automatically going into the threads that i have a notification for … did that a couple of times on the Giro one, and then had to quickly look away before i read anything and close my browser!! :see_no_evil:


Feel free to start a new one!!!

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And what day do Movistar have their first big fight / flappy arms at the team car scenario?

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I havent watched a pro race in over 3 yrs. Can I watch on the GCN+ site?



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Froomey gets spat out the back………in the neutral zone of stage 1.


or jumps off the front in the neutral zone and hits the commissaires car


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Bingo :ok_hand:t4:

First crash of the tour after less than 7km

How did I miss that?

Going pretty hard for the first 10km of thebtdf

Coming off a small roundabout I think, lots of street furniture and padding luckily, looked like a Trek rider, all up and away.

Victor Campenaerts holding the polka dot jersey

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Managed to MacGuyvet my GCC app on the big screen. Fire app up on MacBook, lightning cable to HDMI cable into tv.

Sound via BT speaker :+1:

It’s on ITV4 as well.


Oops. Silly spectator :see_no_evil:

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Huge crash! Tony Martin brought down by an idiot fan with a sign.

That lady is not going to be popular in France for the rest of her life