Tempo trainers

Any recommendations please? Most of my swimming is currently in a 36m pool, so I don’t know if that makes a difference? Cheers people.

I have used this one for years:

Change the battery maybe once a year.

There is also a Garmin app, but I have never tried that:

Pool size doesn’t matter on the Finis one as you just set it to when you want it to beep, you just have to do the maths to get your CSS pace from m:ss/100m to sec per 36m

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I have the finis one for stroke rate stuff. But for pacing alerts, I just use the time alert on the Garmin.

It’s the same as the finis in that it only does whole seconds, and the benefit of using the Garmin one is that it starts afresh, every time you start a new interval. With the finis one being used for that purpose, it would beep every 20s, or whatever, religiously. So that’d force you to start a new interval on a beep for it to be beeping at the wall. No such issues with Garmin … you can go when you like.

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That’s great gents, thank you. Will get one on order👍

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How’d you set this up?
Does it cope with a warm-up and cool down, too?

So, for example, in a 25m pool:

WU @ 1:40/100m = 25s per length
BUILD @ 1:32/100m = 23s
MAIN @ 1:28/100m = 22s
CD - whatever.

Because that would be SICK :nauseated_face:

If you want it to be different for different segments of the workout, then you’d need to change it, but that’s only a 20 second job to do.

I tend to set it to something I can work off for the whole session. So if I’m doing a continuous endurance swim targeting 1:37-1:38/100, I’ll set it to 20s/length (so 1:40’s in a 20m pool) and then be trying to gain on the wall each time (as 1:37/8 doesnt divide into whole seconds for the numbers of lengths). If I’m doing a set with some slower reps and some faster one’s, I might set it to 1:35 (19s/length), and then know for some reps I’m aiming to lose a bit of time, and some reps gain a bit of time.

If I had a big block of 8x100 @1:40, into 8x100 @1:35, into 8x100 @1:30, then for that I might change them between sets if swimming by myself. But at a club swim, I can’t be bothered with making a change as I need to be listening to the coach, and I won’t know what’s coming until we’re just about to set off.


My Finis one does down to hundreths of a second on pacing? The Garmin one does sound good that it auto resets on the interval. Nothing worse than either trying to time it right or pressing the button on your watch and tempo at the same time.

Ah yes, sorry, you are correct. Mode 1 does that doesnt it. It’s mode 2 that just does whole seconds (just for longer). And then mode 3 that’s stroke rate in spm.

I think I forgot about it as mode 1 is still advertised as being a stroke rate mode, but you can use it for longer durations, under 100s, in the nearest 100th beep mode as well. So that could be good to use for pacing longer continuous pool swims

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