The 0.4w/kg thread

Feeling left out, so thought i’d start a lockdown style thread, appropriately to my training efforts of recent months.

and over to you to discuss how we’ll get there. Thoughts and experiences welcomed.


I think the reduction in power will look after itself so the focus really has to be on eating all the pies.
If I do say so myself I think that’s going rather well


Don’t focus on pies to the exclusion of other training modalities. It’s good to keep the body guessing.
Pasta for four for one is a big help. Add in some beers and you’ve got some progress.


I’m finding that the extensive use of my turbo and bike as a clothes storage device is paying dividends in progress too.


I’m in…!

I thought some of the power numbers on here were typos … till I realised this is a site full of super human athletes ( or it could be that my power output is … crap).

I’m working on it… it doesn’t come easy to me.

0.4… perfect.

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This is a biceps training thread right?

coming from the basically full time Masters athlete!!! :rofl: :rofl:


I guess.
Some things were good at naturally, others need work… I’ll never be a “ fast” cyclist.

Economical will do at this stage

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“Bulking season” is a term i hear alot from younger generations. Seems to be all year.