The bikepacking and cycle touring thread

On the train from Belfast to Derry, ready for 3 days cycling along the northern Irish coast.
Great forecast so should be a very enjoyable long weekend.


Awsome, look forward to the report :facepunch:. Hope the roads are better for you than what I’ve heard.

Should be a great adventure, look forward to the pictures :+1:

Hopefully this doesn’t drift over😬

Sorry, no report this time.
It was sunny, there was a lot of coastline.
Giant’s Causeway was very busy.
Malin Head and East Coast were the highlights. A couple of tough climbs around Torr Head and Cushendon, after which it’s almost completely flat back to Belfast.

In general, they were much the same. Maybe fewer holes but rougher surfaces. If the weekend was anything to go by, there’s a lot less traffic (and this was with a big 200 mile motorbike race to avoid).

I’ll put a few pics in the photo thread.