The Flying Fish

I just think the article is humuorous in so many ways.

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What a skimmer!

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Paging @explorerJC. Para Reg. Say no more :rofl:

Anything more than about 10-15m is ‘sporty’ in my experience!


The transition from the military is difficult but I want to show that we don’t need to live in the past and we all can.…jump out of helicopters into the sea?

I mean I guess he’s made a clean break from using parachutes, not sure I’d call that a successful transition to civilian life though.


He has a layer of protective slime.

His body position (in that pic) moments after leaving the helicopter did not inspire confidence. All limbs crossed, and try and stay that way by the time you hit the water init; that’s what we were taught.

When I was ‘down south’ a member of an Infantry Battalion that will remain nameless was on a ‘sight seeing’ tour with some of his mates on a C-130. Apparently he’d been told that it was a ‘right laugh’ and the act of a legend to jump out the side door whilst wearing a dispatcher’s harness. It took 4 or 5 of them to drag him back in, not before he’d been beaten to a pulp on the side of the fuselage though. He’s lucky the Loadmaster didn’t just tell the captain to descend over the sea, and he’d cut him free :rofl:




How can you “attempt” a record like that, you either end up successful or dead surely.

I see he was briefly knocked unconscious, probably as his ankles connected with his head.


I’ve done 60’ and it scared the living daylights out of me…but then i’ve always been scared of heights…


now that really is dumb…

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