The horrific stuff people try flog on FB marketplace

Ah jeez, if someone buys and rides that thing…


Comes with free medical insurance :joy:

Lol I rode one a bit like that for a few years at uni. Paid £20 for it from a junk shop and called it Bessie

It was indestructible. Never gave it any mechanical attention. Best ride I did on it was Derby to East Midlands airport to get a flight to Turkey. Left it leaning against a car park fence, it was still there when I got back so rode it home.

Gave it to my younger brother when he started uni. He got it nicked within a week. Couple of weeks later he realised one of his profs was riding it but was too embarrassed to say anything 🤷


I mean, I’ve got a clunker for round tow/bike trailer duties. It’s a pos but just about works.

I was mostly shocked by the forks being backwards on that thing.


Blimey so they are :flushed:

Reminds me, we should have a thread for hack bikes. I had to wd40 and 3 in 1 oil the chain the other day because it was starting to rust stuff. It’s got grip shifters and indexing is shite. But a triple crank and spins up the steepest hills even with a 40kg trailer.

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Looking at that bike again- has it got a 700c rear wheel and a 26 inch front? Or just camera angle

More aero

Perhaps reversing the forks shelters the rim brakes for an extra 0.5W

It’s more aggressive geometry for ‘street’ handling :slight_smile:

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Great until you need to turn a tight corner, when you discover you haven’t got enough slack on the brake cables to turn the bars :rofl:

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Not horrific but got to be a dentist/triathlete. A 3k Brompton with carbon wheels, titanium seat post /handlebars and Sram Red crank. Amused me


No Powermeter? just some Halfords shite then.

Kill two birds with one stone.


Cant really pin down why, I have no earthly use for it, but I want that.

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Haha, same here, I’m strangely drawn to it for no apparent reason. I don’t own or need a roof box or I might consider it.

I have something like this in my head, only much, much shitter.

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Just put an inverted tandem sit-on kayak on the roof. Loads of extra down force :+1::rofl:

I’ve just seen the model I bought from Galaxy Kayaks for £449 last August is now £649 :scream: