The Internet's advice is required! Giant vs Ribble

Can’t comment on the Ribble. But I have an older Propel (around 2015/6). It’s a great bike and I really enjoy riding mine. Done well over 30000 km on it and it’s still going strong. The only negative I have are the brakes. Mine are shite. The rear rubs, constantly seizes up, and are a general pain to adjust. I think Giant may have sorted this in more recent years with updated callipers. Apart from that great bike. Some of the colour ways are questionable though :wink:

Did you buy the ultra tri?


Can’t remember the exact model but it wasn’t that.

Not this one ?

Carbon or alloy ?

Cervelo: We’ve made the ugliest Tri bike going.

Ribble: Hold my beer


That’s my dream bike …!

Well it would be if the brakes worked, but there’s a hack to sort that apparently …?!

I thought @Mungo2 had photoshopped that bike :face_vomiting:

Like some ladies … it looks better in the flesh …!

You can get different colours now too, sparkles and everything!

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Does it come with an integrated TV?

I didn’t notice one…
Maybe an add on…?!

Sadly not, mine is the model below (and to be fair, looks slightly better).

To pull the thread on a slight tangent, I actually don’t like riding my TT bike, at all. I find the front far too unstable, and spend the entire ride thinking “don’t stack it”, “don’t stack it”.

Ill probably look to get rid and just buy a decent(ish) roadie. Have to accept a poor bike leg…

I can only praise Canyon UK customer service. After returning my bike, they were very good with email updates, and I got a pre-paid UPS shipping label to return my bike. It’s just under 2 years old; it was originally delivered from new with some small paint blistering around a couple of cable ports and I finally decided I should send it back on QC grounds.

Anyway, they replaced the frameset no quibble (worth £2349) and also put in a new headset, replaced the brake pads & resurfaced the rotors - all at no extra charge. Obviously it was rebuilt for me and shipped back next day delivery once it was sorted :+1:

Always nice to hear good stories as well. :+1:

Bit the bullet and went for the Giant Propel Advanced 2.

Deciding factors for me were:-

  • higher quality carbon frame
  • Carbon Aero wheels
  • Local Bike shop for any issues.
  • another £200 off the reduced price

Only downsides were its 105 not Ultegra but i figured its easier for me to lose the weight than the bike components. No discs - figure I’m no hooning down the trails in wales so i’ll Survive.

Now to wait for my pedals to arrive and get out for some miles.


Today’s 105 is better than Dura ace of a few years ago… and that was good.

Good buy.

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We need pics. 105 is a great group set. I’ve run 1000s of kms on a 105 rig. Ultegra is only marginally lighter and little crisper but nothing worth losing sleep over. A big poo will give you the same weight saving.


Pics to follow!


You could always upgrade to Di2 at a later date if you wanted

Indeed, the 105 will serve its purpose for now while i train and if it becomes more of a sport than challenge i will consider changing it out.


Here she is, apologies for the pic, it’s raining here… again.