The midlife cyclist (book) - benefits and dangers of training

Hope everyone is well on here! I haven’t been around much as taking a bit of a break from going backwards training and so on.

As most of us are the wrong side of youth I thought I would draw everyone’s attention to ‘The Midlife Cyclist’ by Phil Cavell (he of Cyclefit fame.)

It has just been published and has in depth discussions of the issues (and benefits) of training at our age, particularly with regards to the effect on the heart. (the ironic chapter title ‘am I going to die’

I know this has received a lot of attention over the past few years so I thought a concise, well researched, resource invaluable.

It also covers the other stuff you might expect about diet, strength training and so on.

TLDR: great book, keep exercising


Phil does know his stuff. Jules (his partner at cyclefit) may be a more knowledgable bike fitter but Phil sure knows how to package it well and has a good network of collaborators.


I think one of the ‘dangers’ for middle aged athletes, is too much too soon. Whether that’s as a new starter, or thinking you can jump straight back in after a prolonged hiatus. Especially when you’re 50+.


Probably true for everyone, but yes the older you get, the more it hits you in the arse.

I tend to avoid these things. I know that training hard for 15 Ironman races (and counting) with at least 3 more aged 55/56 is well into the ‘damage yourself’ extreme of exercising.

I also know that doing these 15 Ironmans has caused me to give up drinking for 12 years, eat a lot better and has also brought a sense of self worth, inner contentment and stress management. My life was VERY different before, and not in a good way at all.

I figure I’m up on the deal* overall even with the damage done.

  • I haven’t factored in cost though :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yep, but I have a bigger arse now to help spread the load…

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