The Monster Triathlon

This popped-up on my FB feed last week. Strikes me as a very bike-heavy event… I would be spending less than 90 mins swimming and then 5 days of stage cycling :thinking: :rofl: distances are 5k/1000/50. Yes you read that correctly. Haven’t seen the entry cost but assume it’s high! Fully supported/catered with hotel accommodation. I think they missed a trick by not mixing-it-up with more swimming/running. So who’s going?

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Yep all over Facebook, very very bike heavy 1000 kms is 5.5 full distance bikes and is an ask which ever way you split it… very strange distances.

Oooh, this looks right up my strasse. Oh no wait, £1250 to enter early bird, £1500 if you wait.

Surely 5k/500k/50k or 10k/1000k/100k would be more even.
When going that far I’d rather do an end to end route, to at least feel like I’m getting somewhere. Could you design a LEJOG route that swims a few key rivers/lakes, and cycle/run between?

Yes. Already posted that one elsewhere.
Just swim in the Loch/Llyn/Lakes at the foot of each hill.

Half price entry if you can raise £2K for charity. Not sure how I could raise that amount for charity. If all my mates gave £20, I’d have about £20. How would I raise the rest :see_no_evil:


To be fair, £1499 is about what I spend to do an Mdot on the Continent.


Not really. Just nice and round.
That’s still insanely bike heavy.
Do you want the swimbalanced out, time wise?
Or an elongated warm up?

A balanced event, in my opinion, would be something like;
10k swim
300km bike
80km Run

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Yes that’s true, all in its probably no different to doing mDot abroad. Seems like you get a lot for your money, hotels, breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks, mobile bike mechanics etc.

I am half tempted. Sent it to the wife, she just replied with a laugh emoji. No idea what that means.

It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a yes so book it :wink:

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It means no effing way sunshine. :upside_down_face:


I suspect Jorgan is closer to the mark. Although a wise man once said it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

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In that case, you’ll have to act quickly, whilst the fog of ambiguity remains :sweat_smile:


Agree, could switch to 75km run and then it’s just 2.5X Nice distance which I’d love to see more of. Or 5-150-42 if want to keep marathon

5-150-40 is very “Nice” indeed :wink:
But being 2.195km off a marathon, most people won’t go near it. Especially with the 5km swim :rofl: