The Past - Is it the Future?

As is my usual routine, I packed the turbo away when the clocks went forward intending to do all my riding outside now I can get out after work.
However, I have a set of rollers in reserve for bad weather so can just throw the bike on those and knock a session out if needs be.
The amount of rain we’ve had the last couple of weeks I’ve ended up doing a few sessions on the rollers and it’s been a bit of revelation. I’ve got a power meter so have been doing structured sessions and the lack of Erg mode combined with the added concentration required just to stay on has made time fly and I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed it.
Anyone else still using rollers (or rediscovered other “obsolete” equipment) as they seem to be almost forgotten/ignored these days?

I’ve rediscovered my swimming goggles; does that count?


I’ve never used rollers. Have to be honest, they kind of scare me!

I’m very different to you - the bulk of my riding sessions are almost always indoors. Generally except for a long weekend ride. I did get out into Surrey this Tuesday evening after work, but that was because it was my first ride of any substance in about 5 months, so I just wanted to get some time in my legs rather than actually focus on anything.

I will generally leave my TT bike attached to the trainer, unless it’s going outside. Just need the extension work out the back to finish, so I can reclaim the garage! (the builders need access through it).

Used rollers loads but with TT bike on Neo permanently and rarely doing track anymore they have been gathering a bit of dust lately. love how immersive they are though but its hard to do much more than 45 minutes as when fatigued its easy to lose concentration and crash :wink:

Yeh, I’ve done a few sessions with unexplained heart rate spikes that I realised after were related to sheer terror when I got into a bit of a tankslapper.

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My record is 90mins but that was a pretty easy session so never got too tired. At the end of an hour of hard intervals things can get pretty sketchy.

Used to love the roller racing at one of the local clubs back in the day. My set were stolen from our shared house often wondered if they knew what the hell they’d taken

Roller racing! Wow, how does that work?

Two people set up on rollers with something similar to a speedo cable linked to a large swimming clock-like display, one full turn of the hand equalled 500m, first to get the full rotation wins and goes on to the next round. Eyeballs out on rollers was a bit dangerous really but fun

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yer they have fixed front forks though, not like the traditional way. track league at HHV always has a season opener, in a bar, with rollapaluza to score points.

No fixed front forks with ours, if you wanted someone would hold the seat stem and bars to attempt to keep you upright iirc

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i’ve found that i can’t fit in to my wetsuit…


I should be racing next week. I’m dreading trying my suit on. May end up sans :joy:

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