The Running Channel

Do any of you watch TRC?

Sometimes I watch it and think it’s pretty useful, other times it seems to be complete banal crap a la 220 mag. cant make my mind up.

Is it on YouTube? I think I’ve watched GTN once! GCN a bit more.

Yeah. i think they upload once a week. they have 4 presenters, two of which are fast (one ex Olympian) and two ‘less so’. Content is very eclectic.

It’s still a lot better than Wild Ginger Running IMO. My personal fave is Loyd Purvis’ ‘Run4Adventure’ channel.

Yeah, and also The Run Experience.

They’re okay, but strike me as communicating what popular for runners to do, rather than what runners need to do…if that makes sense. I’m still “upskilling” on running so I guess I’m looking for a little more science, but Scientific Triathlon haven’t done their marathon focus yet :slight_smile:

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