The Time Trial Thread

That is defo an arse showing!

About 115 people in for the National 100 this year so better numbers than the 25. The course is reasonably quick on a good day on the A66 from Keswick to Cockermouth.

I’m guessing everyone that entered got a place though.

Maybe I should do some training :thinking: :joy:


Slim pickings at the National 50 today, it was on our local course and I didn’t do it. Was a windy day but probably a reasonable tailwind back. It’s a quick course usually but I wonder if there was a few DNS’ due to the forecast.

Only 49 male finishers & 22 females.

Male winner did 1:37, fastest lady was an impressive 1:44 which got her 9th overall.

Edit: looks like that is the second fastest ladies 50 ever!

Best courses look to be E2/50, L5012 & this one generally.


Got the start list for the 50 on Saturday, only 39 entries! It’s not a fast course but has low traffic. Guessing people are double booked. Hopefully numbers will return next year.