The Time Trial Thread

Great work, sounds like decent shape to me!


270W NP for 2h31 sounds super-decent, perhaps that pilgrimage to Bologna paid off even though you didn’t take your bike?


I think the spring Zwift races with the BL13 lads probably helped a lot.

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Hullo TT chums
Those that know me IRL are aware that I’m not built for TTs (or any other sport actually) but I gamely give it a go. I missed the whole season last year as I had my second shoulder replacement just at the start of the season.
This year I turn up to my first one B10/32 (Crowfield circuit) and manage a personal worst by 6 minutes with a whopping 45:06. Yep. I hope you’re impressed. Anyway, I turn up each week and nudge down a bit most times. We’re now on a brand new course (Woolverstone-Shotley-Woolverstone). The weather was much improved - dry, but still rather breezy. I only took over 4 minutes of the previous session finishing in 35 dead, so I have a season’s improvement of over 10 minutes. I’ll take that, thank you very much.
I’ve also got an excellent shot at the WV60 title, despite coming last every week, seeing as I’m the only one in it. I do have to complete the minimum number of rides.


Offered to crew my mate doing a 12 hour TT this weekend (hoping I can buy his bike cheap off him around 9 hours in!).

Hopefully I’ll have the ability to track him (25 mile loop) and be ready for bottle swap and food requests (and some mild heckling). Any other tips to help him or me?


May I recommend my world beating energy snack*, rice creams? A big dollop of rice pudding in an ice cream cone, which can be handed up on the fly in one, poetic motion. You’re welcome.

*other energy foods are available.


What about his welcome? :smiley:


I always craved nutty, salty real food at the back end of a 12 hour.

Find out where most of the pit crew are, they’ll be a good vibe there.

Hours 5-8 are the hardest psychologically so your mate may need most encouragement there.


Cream for his gooch!

He’s probably doing the food? But as per Chris, mixing it with savoury stuff

And don’t get upset if he’s stroppy and you think he’s being a walnut!

Finally, when he’s having a bad time tell him to MTFU and that it’s the equivalent of a parkrun for Mrs MW22 :joy:


I’m not that friendly with him :eyes:

Oh I think he’s entitled to be a complete prick. He was the mate that ran 10 miles in his civvies when I had a meltdown at Lakesman :joy:

I think the support crews will all be at HQ. Tho I was planning multiple 1 hour naps rather than being social :grimacing:


FOMO and @mw22 going straight for an entry into the big dog - the 24 hour in August?



Remember watching my first ironman and getting the buzz even before it had started.

Watching this TT is giving me absolutely NONE of those feelings :joy:

Other than that neutral helper seemingly a superstar, nothing appeals.

I am loving the vast difference in competitors tho. Quite fascinating.

I’m about 3000 calories in so far having walked barely a km between van and HQ :pig2:


I suppose the main difference is you get 12 hours of athletic competition for £20 instead of for £400.


@mw22 how did your mate go? What did he say after? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

He unfortunately DNF’d after 6:20 with 131 miles. He had saddle issues and was struggling to get aero.
That and some other concerns - seemed to make pulling out a fairly easy decision for him.
I’m sure he’ll have another crack - not a chance I’ll be joining.

As I left and drove away on the back end of the course the rain was hammering down. It looked utterly grim for those still out. Small field of 49 and was plenty of DNFs before I left the site.


That’s quite a serious saddle issue :astonished:


Without wanting to go into detail - there was nothing I was prepared to do to help :joy:


My first 12hour, I had erupting weeping saddle sores for 2/3 weeks after. It was agony.

My Mrs inspected the damage and said ‘looks like you’ve got four now….’ :rofl::nauseated_face::face_vomiting: