The ultra thread

Haven’t pedaled a bike nor swum in anger since 2012, but I do a lot of running, mostly on trails and always focused around ultra marathons. Who else is doing this? What are your plans and what does your training look like? Right now, mine is a right mess because of work/family, but I managed to get in two 30+ mile races in the mountains this year (6,000-plus feet of climbing each). Shooting for an eight-hour race in October and maybe, maybe, a 100K in December, although the RD is a pain in the ass and tries to be selective about entries.

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Get on over to this thread Kemptonslim - it’s basically the same as what you have just stated!!

(same as me - no time for tri right now, so concentrating on trail and ultra at the moment)

I have also been doing ultras rather than tri. I’m doing my first tri for 4 years And started training for swissman having not swam or cycled for years in April. On 23 june (day after swissman) i will be back to trails as im doing the utmb again in August.

I like to alternate. This year was IMs, next year is running. I may do a cycling based year after that, or back to triathlons, but I can think about that next summer.

The thread linked above is the way to go. We have someone just about to finish (fingers crossed) a 103 mile trail run!

I have amended the title of the other thread to cover all your needs :blush: