Theme / style

Are there some better off the shelf themes / styling or is it all down to manual CSS hacking ?
Currently all a bit one colour… especially when scrolling down a thread and all the posts are the same colour with no border or colour change etc…

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There are a few, you can mess about yourself with your own settings (under interface / shades of blue is current one) so it works differently just for you. But basically the themes are all a bit monotonous and similar im afraid. This was the closet to old TT and I aint got time to customise the CSS myself. But if you find anything I can install new ones.

The TriTalk banner just got bigger. Not so incognito now.

That could be due to my custom css being slightly different in each theme :joy: I,ll take a look. I’m not much good at this website development. I think I’ll stick to mainframes :grin:

I was wondering if I had changed that somehow. Good to know I’m not going mad.

The Dark theme is okay, except the TriTalk logo doesn’t have a transparent background.

Lot of money in COBOL still

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Not as much as I want but its still going strong!

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