This bike looks interesting for n-1

As I’ve said before, with my dwindling interest in tri and TT from any serious level. I’m looking to see if I can get away with one road/do it all bike and one XC MTB.

Notwithstanding the marketing BS, this looks interesting. Fast enough, wide enough for some winter gravel wheels, and clip on worthy for the odd tri or TT.

Couldn’t get the link in the OP

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Haha, I hadn’t seen that!

Sounds like you need a Ti gravel bike? Or a 3T Exploro ££££

No, I do t think so. Thought about it but I’d like something a bit livelier. I’ve had two Ti bikes before and i don’t think it would live at both ends of the spectrum for me. ( I know that no bike truly does)

The Exploro is crazy expensive, mind you, Cervelo aren’t exactly cheap.

I have 3 bikes:

All aggression road racing machine

Still fast but more relaxed and wide tyre road touring bike (and light gravel)

Full gnarl 650b aggressive gravel bike

Why would anyone only want one bike???

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I don’t want one bike, I want two ( three if you count the one I keep at Mums). But i don’t want to get rid of my XC bike and am looking to consolidate the road side of things.
I have a nice road bike ( Campag), a TT bike, some aero wheels, some road wheels, spare wheels.

I don’t road race anymore, so it doesn’t have to be ultra aggressive but I like to go to the well now and then and don’t want to do that on a tank.

I simply don’t have the time, space or inclination to keep maintaining multiple bikes with different standards, and mostly, I simply don’t ride as much as I used to.

CBA explaining any more.