This will revolutionise transitions!

I am pleased that the product has a SKU so that i can differentiate it from the rest of the stock…

Looks like they sell ‘sports’ and fishing kit…

i have to admit that this is one of the best jackets i have owned…

It does seem good. Better than the Halo 2 which I had to send back🙁

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I cant see any improvement over a bag for life

my kit is separated by these in the boot of my car…

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 11.06.19


Yep, that’s my mtb gear in the car strategy

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Unnecessary additional weight?


Yeah, I used those Ikea bags when Transition is next to the carpark. In all other cases…




I have to say as a TO that over the last few years more and more are using rucksacks - usually from the likes of Huub etc - and abandoning the unwieldy plastic box approach. About bloody time!

There aren’t any images of the harness; I assume it’s padded shoulder straps, which are obviously better than a drawstring bag.

To be fair, if you don’t have a suitable rucksack that folds down compactly into the streetwear bag, then this is a simple solution; although I’d prefer something with some pockets - so a lightweight alpine climbing sack is great (with any frame removed).

i can’t fold the frame up…

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 12.35.08


You can remove though? (pre-dates me!). Although I do briefly remember the ‘Large Pack’ :joy:

driving back near Aldershot Saturday past 3 “kids” full camo kit, boots and with massive bergens running virtually bent over double in gale force winds and driving rain. Just made me think of you and @Jorgan . :rofl: They were soaked through and looked miserable as hell except one lad who had a smile on his face. Thought he’d go far.


Nope. The straps clip to the frame.

The large pack was hideous. As soon as you got on the ground the sleeping bag strapped to the top would fall onto your tin helmet and push your head down.

The SAS bergan was infinitely better but the frame ruined your back

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in those situations you may as well just smile…

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Sound like Cadets.

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Most of my time in transition pre-race is spent desperately trying to work out what I have done wrong and why everyone else is taking so long in transition pre-race.


My favourite trail kit (or ski kit for that matter) is whatever is cheap and fits well off of SportsPursuit.


other than they’d be carrying a flat wooden plywood gun and their trousers would be 3 sizes too big if they were cadets…

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Christ on a bike