This will revolutionise transitions!

But then again maybe not… :grin:

"At Last!
Long and Middle distance triathlon has a safe, convenient and hassle free way of transporting your transition bags.

The Transition Sack has been designed to revolutionise the way you transport your transition bags, pre and post race, allowing you the freedom to ride your bike if you wish to and from transition."

It’s a drawstring bag FFS!



But but but it has a waist strap


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No reviews yet, who’s going to be the first? :grin:


Does anyone remember the Transition Mat which had indications of where to put your feet? :rofl:


So. Let me get this right.

It’s a big, plain bag that you can put multiple, smaller plain bags into.

I’m going to offer you all of the money, but i want a 30% share.


I had to check to see if it was the same idiot that was punting the Transition Box but seemingly no, it’s a different idiot.

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All those IM bags too.


Hang on.

Is that really just a bag to carry bags in???

I am confused.

You’re generally not allowed to ride your bike in/around race village. Plus, even where you are, it’s generally far too busy to do so safely :man_shrugging:t4:

But you’re missing the USP here.

It’s a bag. That fits other bags inside it.



Nail on the head. So revolutionary it’s errrm, revolutionary… :exploding_head:

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Someone is telling porkies…

Currently available…

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only pre-used now - website is no longer active. thankfully!

And it says Transitions on it!


and for £5 you can have some personalised text on it. Something along the lines of




I’ve never had an issue getting things into transition?

Race morning. Arrive in car park.
Take out bike. Put bottles on.
Clips shoes on. Put elastic bands on.
Put helmet on.

Walk bike, in running shoes, to transition.

Swear and mutter under my breath at people who don’t have their helmet on and stickers on frame and helmet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Walk to racking.

Sling saddle under racking. Swear and mutter the racking is set up for short arses. Get told off for racking by handlebars. Explain I can’t get my bike off without taking out the bikes either side if I rack it by the saddle. More swearing and muttering.

Put running shoes beside bike. Hope they don’t get nicked.
Have a crisis deciding on a flying mount or more sensible shoes on first, run in cleats, mount normally.
Another crisis deciding socks on bike, or just run?

Only now do I remove my backpack to take my wetsuit out.
Clothes off. Have a :poop:
Wetsuit on. Swim hat on. Goggles on.
Piss myself.
Start swimming.

I’m unsure where the need for eighteen bags comes from?

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If they make a cabron fibre one and charge an exorbitant amount for it, I’m in.

Maybe do Rapha x Transitions bag? They send you a free replacement one when the cheaply made bag rips.


Thank you for your service…



It’s for all the other kit they think they need and frankly don’t - plus all the training kit that is still in the bags along with their race kit. And the kitchen sink.

As a TO, kit and bags are one of our biggest bugbears at local events. At Euro and World champs we have a simple process - any non-racing kit left at transition spots will be removed and dumped in one spot for collection after (without any labelling). You should see the number of towels we collect!

Somewhat on/off topic. I was talking to my old mate in our run yesterday about kit. For road running, we both like ASICS clothes, not least because Clark’s Village is only 10 min drive away and ASICS have an outlet there.

Yesterday I was in my OMM Kamilika jacket, it’s trail specific and expensive. I was saying that IMO, trail stuff is heading the way that tri stuff did years ago.

With the exception of jackets and shoes, nearly all road gear can be adapted for trail or ultra but these these days, sticking the word ‘Ultra’ on something is a licence to jack the price x 3

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